Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh my babes

We spent the rest of the day with my familia after the museum, which pretty much just means my babes got so so much attention!

Nikolai showed off his rolling skills for everyone, which was awesome cuz his own dad hadn't even witnessed it yet, aside from the video I got at 2 1/2 weeks.

Grant had the time of his life playing out back with Luca and we just reveled in the fact that those two can be trusted to enjoy themselves alone back there... For the most part. We know they will be covered in dirt and rocks will go in mouths... But whatever! 

Today, on the very last day possible, I got some Girl Scout cookies, the only ones I ever get! Amanda and Kenz got some as well so we had a cookie eating party and watched the new Once Upon A Time. That show just gets better and better, I don't care what anyone says!

So sometimes Nikolai looks like a doll...

And I love how nursing just knocks him out, so chill...

For Family Home Evening we all took a walk to the park. We learned Tony could handle triplets...
Nikolai was a super happy camper... Until I covered him to be sheltered by the wind. Then he did his cat squeal, all mad at me cuz he couldn't see anymore.

Grant fell in some thistles on the way home so Matt carried him crying behind me and I just felt so grateful to be with all my family tonight. Luca on Jose's back and Tony and Kenz holding hands all adorable ready to be parents with my sweet sweet husband trying to comfort our son. I had to use tweezers and pluck things out of his hands for quite awhile, poor thing.

P.S. This.

^^He looks exactly like his cousin, Brooklynn here haha^^


Some Curiosity

We decided to take Kenz and Tony to Thanksgiving Point today and ended up at The Museum of Curiosity with Brittany and her kiddos as well.
^^can you spot Grant's little head up there?"^^

It was only our second time at this museum but I was surprised how many things we hadn't seen last time. There was an entire section that wasn't even open before and Grant found this bike that would ride itself if you push the right sequence of buttons. Tony and I both tried to help him but he ordered u
s away and would "read" the sign carefully, go back and push a button, then read again. It didn't work.

We found a music recording room that was passed by last time. The boys went to town on the drums and Grant loved the water organ.

Tony was a trooper and took Grant through the high net walk twice. (A trooper... Haha) Both he and Luca loved playing in the big airplane up there.

This time we were smart enough to save the water area for last, although we spent the least amount of time there because we were all so hungry! 

And as usual, this was the angel babe the entire time we were there:

A couple things... 
1. They have a kiddie door at the entrance of the museum and Grant totally was a gentleman and opened the door for a lady.

2. I absolutely love that there is a nursing corner downstairs, where the kids can run away and play right outside of there.

3. And this.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Goodbye Grandpa Dan

My dad leaves in the morning so today was our last day with him. He headed back with Amanda since she lives by the airport and I think Grant was the most sad to see him go.

I absolutely love this tradition we started where mom comes to visit for the births and dad comes out for the blessings. It guarantees time with both parents at least everytime Amanda and I have a new baby. Ohio is so far away.

Dad is known as the baby whisperer. I personally think it's because he is so patient, all the wiggles and any fussing doesn't make him want to hand the baby back over, he just tries to make that babe happy.

It's too bad Luca was so tired and couldn't be in this picture, peeking out from somewhere like Grant did.
(^ check out the cutest little baby bump on Kenz there^)

Thanks for visiting, dad!! You are so loved.

Nikolai's Big Day

Today was the day. Nikolai must have sensed it because he slept so good, waking up only once at 3:45 to eat. I was up and ready for church before he woke by himself, happy and smiling at daddy. My fingers are crossed it wasn't just a one time thing.

I put his cutie little blessing outfit on him and we headed quickly to the church to save seats and fill out paperwork. 

Matt gave Nikolai a beautiful blessing and we had some of our closest family and friends in the circle.

^^Dad. Re-do.^^

Everyone came over to our home after sacrament meeting for a smorgasbord of food. It was so great to be surrounded by the people who love us so much that they wanted to celebrate Nikolai's blessing day, even at 9am all the way deep in Eagle Mountain.

It was such a beautiful day outside so the kids played while the grown ups chatted and the crowd slowly died down.

^^My cousin Cialinn holding my wee one^^
^^Michael being Michael and cracking us up. I feel like Char must have constant entertainment at home^^

It was a strange feeling taking off Nikolai's little outfit and putting it away with my wedding dress, the blessing dress I was blessed in, and Grant's blessing outfit. Sometimes I am still surprised I am a mommy of 2.

Now please take a look at how big Grant's outfit was compared to his brothers.

So completely opposite, yet so obviously best friends. Hmmmm... Just like Matt and I!
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