Monday, November 24, 2014

Pregnancy Update

How far along?
26 weeks and 3 days - THIRD TRIMESTER!!!

Maternity Clothes?
Sweat pants at home and maternity leggings anywhere else because I just refuse to use money on maternity jeans at this weight. Skirts and dresses work just fine! Aside from my weight being more, I am bigger than I was with Grant at this same time so my maternity shirts are also pretty small, I'm in my biggest ones and still growing!

oh man oh man, what sleep? I've got severe pregnancy insomnia, BUT as of the last week I've slept more than not so hopefully/maybe it's fading?? Can I be that lucky? Of course I'm very uncomfortable most of the time, but a night with only around 5 bathroom trips is heavenly.

Best moment of the week?
Since I've hit my 3rd trimester I asked Matt to give me a blessing, as I have at every milestone along the way. Experiencing these with my eternal companion brings me so much joy and comfort. 
Knowing that Grant will be fully potty trained by the time this baby gets here is also awesome!

Miss anything?
Sleep. Aaaaand easier husband and wife closeness times. Yah, I said it and you all know it's true. That bump is such an inconvenience!

Not-so-fun Symptoms?
I can't breath! I have times about every other day that I just have to lay down and try to hard to stretch myself out so I can get a couple deep breaths in. I just end up falling asleep, probably from the lack of oxygen. That's comforting.

I've also gotten into the fun stage of feeling my hips spread apart. My lower back is constantly aching and I've had to go to a chiropractor twice for that and my sciatic. He gave me a roll on Biofreeze that works wonders. Daily yoga also makes things half as bad.

On a good note, I have no new stretch marks yet and there is no itching. At this point with Grant I was itching EVERYWHERE allll the time to the point that I was scabbing over. Arms, legs, tummy. It was awful.

Anything making you sick?
Still prenatals, but that's it!

Heck yes. It's been a few weeks that I've had big kicks in multiple parts of my stomach at once, since he's getting so big in there. It's also fun to put things on my tummy and watch him kick it off, like the remote. He's super strong.

I haven't had anything stick as a craving, I have some here and there but normally don't care for that food again for awhile. The only thing I've really wanted a lot are chile peppers, so I tend to make lots of foods I can put them in or on. Quesadillas or breakfast burritos, enchiladas, if I happen to feel like a burger. I craved milk with Grant so much I would go through 3-4 gallons a week. Milk has started to be extremely satisfying like that again but I wouldn't call it a craving quite yet. Luckily the closest things I would call cravings would be when I just needed salads all the time or the ocassional need for vegetables or fruit and nothing else will do.

Are you showing?
Absolutely. More every day.

Labor signs?
As long as I keep my stress levels down I am good. 

Belly button?
It's in and probably will always be because it's higher than most. That's my best guess. 

Wedding ring?
I'm very happy to still being wearing it, much less swelling than I had with Grant, including my ankles. I had to buy new shoes by 20 weeks with Grant because they were so swollen.

Things seem to be so good, I feel in control for the most part, so much more calm than I was with Grant. I don't know if that's because of the different hormone levels or because I've learned so much more and have been more prepared this round, but it's lovely. Of course I still have a few random burst of tears here and there, but not so much.

I laugh that I did a full on post about what we are naming him and we've totally changed our minds. I feel slightly bad for confusing Grant, but I think once he actually sees this baby and puts a name to him, it will be fine. Right now, for the last 2ish weeks, we've been on Nicolas. Spelled just like that, the French way. Matt seems slightly hesitant only because I hate "Nick", I only ever want Nicolas unless of course one day the child himself wants to go by Nick.

Looking forward to?
Holding him for the first time. Seeing my mom and my sister. Watching Grant interact with his little brother. Having no more pain in my hips.

Any postpartum that may come. It was bad with Grant, and the worst when I breastfed. I hope I can do it for the full year again, even if I do feel that awful. I hope I can feel a little more sane than I did as a first time mom. It's a daily thing for me to practice my patience and sanity so I'll be more prepared for this and the next babe to come.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

successful sunday

I ended up putting Grant in a swim diaper since he'd need to pull it up and down like his underwear, like a pull up really, if we were to have used those. We sat in the foyer and went to the potty every 15 minutes, but not just any potty. Luckily the nursery has it's own bathroom and they have a tiny little potty in there so Grant wasn't terrified at all. He like it, in fact, he's been talking about it all day. "teeny tiny potty a church".

We have had ZERO accidents! He even woke up from his nap and went to his potty, pulled down his pants and took of his DIAPER to go. I was so proud.

Of course today probably feels like such a success cuz he hasn't had to go #2, which means there has been no traumatic incident that comes with that scary number. Oh boy.

We celebrated Grant's successful week with making brownies together tonight. Not just any brownies, my cousin Jana's homemade brownies. When I asked her for the recipe she was all "it's not the big of a deal..." um yes, it is. They are so good. Grant was so excited to help, Matt was all "I wanna do the eggs!" and we bonded.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Potty Training DAY 4 (No more naked)

Today has been a pretty good day potty wise, hallelujiah.

As I suspected and prepared myself for, his first pee pee of the day was an accident. He was wearing his underwear for the first full day so I knew it would probably confuse him a bit, although I wasn't as prepared to feel that warmth run up my leg. I gave him about 5,000 reminders after that until he thankfully caught on for the next time, running to me to ask help taking off his underwear.

Thanks to Amanda's ton of treats she brought Grant tried to pee about 8 times within a 10 minute time frame, pulling those undies up and down up and down for a treat. After the 8th time he finally caught on that only when he goes in the potty does he get a treat but that was just the practice we needed, the rest of the day was perfect and I didn't need to help him anymore.

We still have the fun scary poo situation going down so I am extremely interested in how church will go tomorrow...extremely...since he won't even go potty on a big toilet...ehhh...
I was working on my research paper pretty much alllll the live long day so Grant just crawled up on the couch and fell asleep on his own after an exhausting time playing with daddy. I had to sneak over and slip a diaper on so I wouldn't have to clean up an accident for the second time on that couch today. 

While working on my homework I kept something open to record all his funnies today:

*“Mom, we build snowman?”

*Cooking in his kitchen “pagetti meatballs. Almost done. Hot.” He has never had spaghetti and meatballs that I know of, his daddy is not a pasta fan. But Daniel Tiger eats it.

*While I worked on my research paper he sat to color, told me what color he was using and said “write underwear. Draw Gant and Mommy. Gant's eye...tiger...elephant...”

*Singing all day long “jinga bell jinga bell all the way”

*Racing his bike around the living room and kitchen saying “Tony cycle to the rescue!” He knows his Uncle Tony is a police man and calls all their motorcycles “Tony Cycles”.

*“wook a me, mom! Wook a me!” (Look at me)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Naked Potty Training DAY 3

Well day 3 is for sure not the end of the road for this toddler. Oh man, pooping is like the worst thing that could happen in town. Amanda and Luca came over today and they were in for a special treat, right on the floor within 10 minutes of being here. All day long pee pee made it to the right place, he has that down pat. But once Matt got home this evening I went out to get Grant some underwear and came back to the news that Grant pood 3 times while I was gone, twice on the floor BUT ONCE in the potty. I would celebrate a bit more if the floor had happened first, but no. We'll get there, right?

He is also pretty scared of the regular sized toilets, I tried to sit him on there twice today but he flipped out. So that's fun. On my ride home from Walmart with underwear I decided how very opinionated this kid is. And stubborn. Hmmm...I have no idea where that came from...

When I pulled into the garage from the store Grant came running out asking "you got undiwear??" He was very excited to see "McQueen" on some.

I'm nervous about him actually pulling them down to go on his potty, he threw quite the fit when I tried to show him soooo...cross your fingers for me. Aside from that he was happy to put a pair on.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Naked Potty Training DAY 2

(People should know this post is TMI by the title so it's your fault if you read this typical potty training update.)

Well today has been interesting. Grant knows the drill but seems to be holding in quite a bit. Most likely this has to do with the fact that he is terrified out of his mind of pooping. Just terrified.

Before going down for his nap at noon he only peed once and pood once, which was more like a traumatic experience of me holding him down while he screamed and cried til I let him up. Once we woke up from nap time his diaper was full. It is now 5 and he tried escaping his next poo. It ended up on the floor and then once again he held the rest in. His fear is overriding his success from yesterday, darn it. I'm at a loss of what to do, really.

Luckily he peed again and was very proud to announce that to me but that is only the second one today and I am hydrating him just as much as yesterday. This is fun. Super fun.
This is literally the face he chose to make when he saw me with the camera, he did this and held it til I was done. It looks like I blurred out his little willy but I just got lucky that his leg was blocking the goods. You're welcome.

Today he put on a hat and started yelling "ARRRR ARRRR" and I was like "what are you doing?" and he said "Pirate go ARRRRR". Then he started calling me dude.

For the last couple of weeks he's been holding me hand all the time. Just sitting around, or falling asleep at night. He just always wants to hold my hand and that's adorable. 

He also has been randomly saying to me "i'm gonna be fine."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Naked Potty Training DAY 1

Well first off, I dropped my dang phone off the edge of the stairs today and it's long gone dead. My only sadness came from the fact that I couldn't take pictures and easily blog from it. It was a wonderful day of not constantly checking it and constantly trying to distract Grant from wanting it. Luckily Amanda came down for the day so I had the use of her phone for these pictures and she is so awesome and let me borrow their camera til my new phone comes in the mail. I refused to put off this training any longer so I wasn't going to drive all the way to Salt Lake for their Apple store, I went the long route and I'm mailing in my broken one and waiting until the new one comes. I thought it would be perfect timing, Grant will be cut off from it completely and get used to it for at least a week before my new one comes in the mail. It will be a wonderful break from the modern world while still being able to use the computer for blogging or messaging through Facebook if necessary.

SO Day 1 went ridiculously well. I half feel completely mad that I put this off for so long because of how simple this has been but also realize that Grant is probably doing so well because he is over 2 1/2 already. I had just freaked myself out with all the many accidents that I'd have to clean up and how stressful it would be to get him to do what he needs to do. PLUS that's 3 days of not leaving the house once, no matter what. Not even to go get a new phone for me. But my word, it has been an easy day. Hallelujah. He had just not given any signs that he was ready, nothing. But I have 3 months left before having another baby and another size of diapers to be buying so it needed to be done and I just had to stop putting it off.

I kept a very detailed log of every step today, feeling very anxious this morning. I turned up the heat a bit and put a long sleeve shirt with a sweater on Grant along with socks and stripped everything else. He was a little confused at first but played with daddy til he left, we went down for breakfast and I kept the potty nearby. He seemed to understand what needed to happen, I turned on Despicable Me and he would go to sit, get up, go back and sit, nothing. Then he was sitting on the floor and said "oh no!" and hurried to his potty. He had sprinkled just a bit on the floor but nothing else in the potty, I knew he had stopped it and was holding it in. He was in the kitchen and started barely sprinkling on the floor and yelled "MOM!" and raced to his potty but still held it in. Soon he was holding his lower tummy saying it hurt and finally sat down and went. That's all it took, it clicked in his little head. YAY! From that point on he would go straight to his potty every time he needed to pee and he has gone at least 15 times today. I kept him very hydrated. I have reminded him over and over but every time he has gone has been on his own without a reminder.

Each time he went we'd walk up the potty and dump it, rinse it, wash our hands, and put a sticker on the chart. By the time we hit midday my achy back was done and Grant wasn't even announcing to me anymore, it was just normal. So I'd wait about 4 pees before taking it up so we didn't have to worry about it so much which means his potty chart is missing quite a few but he is most proud of it!

He was so awesome all day long, playing with Luca, running to his potty when necessary, going back to play all happy and proud of himself. It wasn't until this evening that he finally pooped. It was extremely sad but also hilarious. He kept going to the potty and seemed so confused, probably because it was a different feeling. When it was finally coming this face of straight fear came over him and he sat down, bent to see what was happening and almost cried when he saw. I had to hold him down to finish and he was just terrified. I think we fixed it, made things alright. We celebrated a bit more than any other time and talked about what happened and that it was okay and normal. Poor thing. 

It was a good first day, we only had 1 single accident. It started coming out on the floor, which I'm so grateful are wood, and he cried "hurry hurry!" as he ran to his potty. I'm going to go out and get him some underwear tomorrow when Matt gets home from work. He even did yoga with me "winnie the pooh style" as Matt likes to call this pant-less adventure. I'm so proud of the nugget! YAY FOR POTTY TRAINING!
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