Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hee Haw Farms

There is a small ward preschool group and today they took a field trip to the Hee Haw Farm and we were invited for the fun! We totally took advantage because it cost $3.50 since we went with the big group and Grant is obsessed with pumpkin patches ("kunkin katch") since he started being obsessed with The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. He talked about it all day yesterday "kunkin katch with Mikey tomorrow!!" When he woke up this morning he sat right up and said "kunkin katch now!" And luckily he was right. We got dressed and headed to Meredith's to ride with them.

We had quite the adventure trying to find the place, being given three different addresses it seriously took us an hour to get there and it is in American Fork. Holy cow. Not cool. Lucky for her, 4 whining kids begging for a pumpkin patch for an hour being lost was just what Meredith wanted for her birthday. 

When we FINALLY found the place we went straight to the petting zoo part of the farm. Grant was a bit terrified at first but once he pet the first little goat he was all over the place.

There were like 10 piglets racing around everywhere, out of the cages and stuff. Oh my goodness they were adorable up until they went to eat from their mama and then I felt like they became ravenous wolves, just destroying that pig. Holy cow. I am so grateful I am not a pig, nursing a baby never looked so violent. I am not exaggerating, people. That huge full grown pig was shaking as these animals looked like they were eating her alive. I always imagined it like puppies nursing gently. No.

Next was Grant's favorite part! A big slide. And this time I let him go down all by himself, which he did at least 5 times and then Greco back up the big hill dragging his burlap sack behind him.

Next was the hay ride! I got a couple cute shots but the sun was in his eyes, which apparently means his tongue needs to be out.

Then last we grabbed a pumpkin on the way out, which was included in the price of admissions! Since Grant was free he just picked which one he wanted for himself and I didn't get a pumpkin. It took him quite awhile to find the perfect one but he was most proud of his selection once he did. He even insisted on carrying it for a good long time.

Thanks for taking us to the farm, Meredith! We had so much fun! I'm sad this time is over this weekend, Grant has really enjoyed all the hay ride, pumpkin loving Halloween fun! I'm so excited for all the Christmas activities coming up. 


Well my new time to blog has been 4-5am since I CAN'T SLEEP!!! Every night. 

Amanda came over last minute yesterday, luckily after I finished my homework. Grant was most happy. We made holiday food, listened to Christmas music and watched Christmas movies. No big deal.

Grant was cracking up running through her legs over and over.

The boys are super cute when they share food.

Grant has been saying "I knew it! YESSSS!!" With a fist pump lately, I haven't figured out where it came from yet. These things are normally extremely random if not from Daniel Tiger. Last night this random commercial came on and as it ended I heard him repeat the last line of it, which is a phrase he has been using often. So there it was, i finally figured that one out after weeks of him repeating this phrase. 

He sat down last night with his leap frog, looked me in the eye and said "I do homework now." Oh, okay.

The other day I was talking to my sisters about Grant's love for spicy foods. We had some spicy habanero chips and I had warned Grant but he still wanted some. He had an apple sitting on the table so he would take a bite of a chip, run to his Apple to take a soothing bite, then come back for more. He just went back and forth for awhile. 

My cousin who left me years of beautiful birthday singing on my voicemail, a happiest birthday to you, a few hours late for the blog but still important enough for it! Love you!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ward Halloween Party

Allllllll day long I was hearing "howoween party!" With a mix between not wanting to go and being super excited about it. As Matt was still working we lazily hitched a ride to the party with some neighbors. It was cold out and I had a dessert to bring.

Grant refused to wear his dinosaur head and I didn't fight him since I will be fighting it on Friday night. He just gets upset because it falls off or into his face. Understandable.

He pretty much ran around with little hobbit Mikey all night long while I'd bribe him with bites of a hot dog and soup.

The ward did a cute Clue game, which we didn't even participate in because Grant was having too much fun as it was. But he and Mikey happily took mini magnifying glass and searched the gym for ... Who knows what...

It was interesting for me to see some new things in Grant. I was thinking about last years party, he wore his elephant suit and was uncontainable. He just ran around everywhere and by the time Matt got there from work I was just ready to go. 

This year I asked Grant to stay in the gym and he did, only escaping once for a second. Mikey would step out and if see Grant standing in the door way, leaning out to say something to Mikey but not leaving the room. When he'd hear me call his name in the crowd he stopped and searched til he found me. He was a really good listener, all grown up. It's so strange.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The heater is on

When we woke up yesterday, after a long night of freezing in bed, I decided it was time. I turned on the heater, just to 62. Then throughout the day and into the night and this morning it has made its way up to 65. 

We celebrated this beautiful weather by making a huge and yummy potato soup. The plan was to have enough for the ward party tonight but soup is the men's favorite around here so not much was left. I made some mint chocolate chip brownies instead.

Grant loves helping to cook, he stirs singing "mixa mixa mixa" because that's what Daniel Tiger does.

This morning I was doing school stuff, Grant was playing out in the living room and I could hear him talking to his trains saying "mommy doin homework". It was precious. I love him seeing me succeed and further my education. Daddy will be back in school soon, which will be a big adventure for us all. He had an interview over the weekend and is going to campus for an unnecessary tour this Saturday. Do online students really need tours of campus? Whatever. Now Grant will see daddy furthering his education. One day he'll be a surgeon or a lawyer changing the world because of it, right?!

He like to casually wear the glasses from his Mr Potato Head around. All the time, as if they are necessary.... Upside down. Fine by me!

Today we crossed the line from acceptable little distraction fibs being a lie. So I don't get to do it anymore.

I was sneakily getting a piece of gum and he heard the wrapper, assuming it was candy and asked "what that?" He was already eating pretzels so I told him "it's just a pretzel" not wanting to deal with the whole fuss of "it's fun, not candy, your too little, only for mommies and daddies...". About 15 minutes later he hears me pop a bubble, looks me in the eye and says "HEY! You said pretzel!!"

Dang it. Smartie pants.

As a Sidenote, I really liked this paragraph from a blog post I read today, Rockstar Diares is still a daily read.  This is something I've been feeling lately and Naomi put it into word perfectly:

30 Questions - #9

For a list of the full questions go HERE

Question #9
List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how. These are in no particular order.

1. My husband. The changer. He changes for the better when it is needed, very few people can do it as quickly as he can. I am stubborn and I don't change easily but he has helped me to slowly become a better person. He has helped me see lots of new possibilities when we strive for more. And of course he's influenced my eternities considering I strapped myself to him for the ride. He gave me children, which have by far been my biggest influence ever.

2. So that leads me to my children. My child and a half. Holy cow, being a mother was the biggest shock of the century. I've always wanted to be a stay at home, live the simple life at home raising my perfect babies to be heroes and change the world. HA! Being a mom is the most difficult thing I've ever attempted and my babe has changed me completely. I've learned patience and suffering, I've learned how to control my depression and anxieties a bit more than ever before. I traveled the world to find myself but my son finished that task, I am a mother. It is hard but it is worth it.

3&4. My parents. Those people I grew up wishing would be more lenient and "cool" turned out to be the coolest and smartest people I've ever known. We had that home with an overwhelming spirit, welcoming everybody with homemade food and a Christ centered spirit. Early morning family scripture study, regular family home evenings, prayers all over the place, I found my testimony and have something I want to live up to in my own home, with my own children. My mom was always there, she stayed home to raise us and be there any time we needed. They disciplined with love and care and showed me what respect really means. Somehow I got through my high school years and married in the temple, in the temple they were sealed in, and my daily goal is to be half as wonderful as they are. I can call my mom to chat and to complain and to cry, she is always there for me even if it hurts her. I can always rely on my dad for a straight forward and honest answer, for help in any situation. Their strong faith literally made me who I am.

5, 6, & 7. My Heavenly Father, The Savior, and The Holy Ghost. Without my faith in Them I would be nowhere, They are part of every one of these other 7 people. They are behind every decision I make, every effort, every trial, every situation. I'll never understand what life without the gospel would be like. These 3 separate people have given me everything I have, and everything I will ever be given. Without Them I am nothing. Without comfort and guidance I would have no direction. Without their blessings I would have no family. I would have no sanity, I would have no life.

8. Surprisingly, my x-husband. While I'd rather not give him any credit, and take it all for myself, it is because of my first marriage that I learned how to recognize the spirit and it's promptings. I learned what I really deserve in this life, that it is up to me to make things happen and it is up to me to find someone that loves and respects me for me. I learned the type of man I'd want to spend my eternities with, I learned what type of father should be raising my children. I learned how to apply the atonement to my life to heal heartbreak and pains I could not control. I discovered the worth of my soul, and through my recovery I became closer to my Savior than ever before. Without this trial in my life, I'd never have found my eternal companion and I'd never have my beautiful children.

9. Friends. So many people fall into this category, people that have changed me for the better of for the worse. I've had several groups of friends that influenced my life in different ways. There were some I had to let go of, that brought me down and made my life far more difficult that necessary. Then there are the friends that have been with me through every trial and I know I could call today for anything at all. They have taught ME how to be a friend. I try to be what I want from them.

10. David Crane, the creator of Friends. No just kidding. ME. I take full responsibility for myself and the influences I have allowed in my life. It is through my choices and my strengths and weaknesses that I allow anything and anyone in. So this encompasses everyone else. My sisters, my bishops, my neighbors, my doctors, my mailman, my realtor, everybody! Everyone I've ever met, and so many that I haven't have influenced my life in so many ways and I decide if it's in a positive way or not.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Week

Grant is ready for trick or treating over here, he loves being a "chomp chomp" but he is hating the head piece because it falls. That should be interesting. We have a ward party tomorrow and then Friday is the big day.

I canNOT believe this is Grant's 3rd Halloween/holiday season. 

It's really getting fun though, he understands so much more than any other year. He loves the Christmas episode of Peppa Pig so he is always telling me it's Christmas time and points out everything Christmasy in the stores. It's going to be so fun this year getting a tree with him! He talks about Christmas trees all the time.

It's also so weird that this is his last year of being an only child. Which reminds me, I am loving being due near the beginning of the new year because all the holidays have been so distracting. Time is just flying by!
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