Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I told my family to be proud that I was able to wait until September 1st to get all the Halloween decor out. I have a handful of fall decorations but for the most part we just start Halloween early. If not, it will be Christmas over here so take what you get!

Grant was all pumped to be allowed in the basement to "help" get the Halloween boxes. It was so exciting for him to dig through the goods and ask what everything was.

I was most excited to pull all our fall to Halloween books out for the holiday bin! He had to read them all, asking what every single thing on every single page was. 

Then came the distraction of left over chicken in daddies bowl...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Just Grant

Grant's most comfortable position is with his hands behind his head. Just always, day and night. The other day he discovered how to keep his arms up by themselves in his car seat, which he did again today. So helpful.

His favorite thing might be my phone. He can navigate and do everything, which I'm not proud of. But it's cute to see him as a little man, experiencing life, all intense.

Matt and I helped the primary prep for their program on Sunday and Grant stayed because I was paranoid he would throw up in nursery again... And he refused to nap in sacrament so this is what we got to deal with the rest of the day:

Grant ran off to play in his room and I hear him calling to me "help mama, too high!" This is what I found:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Man Day and A Girl Night

First, from a few days ago, I had bribed Grant with ice cream to please nap for me because I was so ridiculously tired myself. He certainly did not forget and reminded me throughout the day until finally I took him to get some.

Yesterday I saw all the OSU business popping up all over the place, I'm not a sports person but I love my home and in rememberance, we celebrate football season since it's practically Ohio's longest holiday. Nobody fully understands til they've been there. Not even these BYU football fans come close to the celebrations that occur in Columbus at this time. It's like their religion. 

It took me a looonnnngggg time to get him to hold still so I could document this. Literally the only thing that worked was saying we'll go pet a puppy after. And that only got me this tongue picture and his fake smile while saying "cheeeese".

We headed to Provo to visit grandma for a bit and were planning on spending time with Nia and Fo. Plans changed to them babysitting for us while we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy instead, our first date in at least 6 months!

They took Grant to lunch and to the Mexican food fair downtown Provo.
He rode on a train and his face just cracks me right up.

Nia said they were giving away free kid cones at Smith's in honor of BYU football season.

Meanwhile, Matt and I headed to Provo Towne Center Mall for our movie. We had some time to kill so I wanted to grab lunch. All I really ever ever want lately is salad and as I was searching for one I saw there was a place selling Gyros/Shwarmas!!! I've been thinking about them a lot, missing the little stand in Kiev by the train station that had the best lamb Shwarmas I've ever enjoyed. And bam, right there, lamb shwarma. I can't even explain how ridiculously worth it my garlic breath was after that.

after we passed a bit more time in Fye, looking around and Matt found this shirt, he said "look!! I bet you love this!" And then seriously bought it. All on his own. He NEVER buys things for himself. Ever. And I fully approve this purchase.

Soon it was movie time, which was hilarious and now I get dibs on the next movie we see together.... In probably a year...

We left to pick up Grant from Nia's and headed to Brittany's where Matt dropped me off. She had texted a few days back saying that her cousin was playing in Payson's Les Mis and wanted to have a girls night and go! I was all for it and we informed the Ohio girls but Amanda was the only other that could come late notice. 

So we met Amanda, headed to Olive Garden for salad (Seriously. Salad. I just want salad all the time.) and then went the rest of the was to Payson.

I really enjoyed it, turns out Brittany's cousin was actually my favorite part, she
played Fontine and was incredible. I also really loved the two that played the restaurant owner husband and wife, the theiving hilariously disgusting couple. They did so well. And Javert was incredible. It was just amazing. We had a good time.

I caught this picture of Brittany congratulating her cousin as we were leaving, she had chopped and dyed her hair for the part.

We had a lot of fun! Got home super late and tired, ready for bed! Although I was kept up by the ridiculous wind!

Friday, August 29, 2014


I have been wanting to go to Swiss Days since I moved back here like 5 years ago!  Something alwaysssss gets in the way or I forget or don't realize it's time and miss it. This year my cousin Jen mentioned it so Amanda and I planned on going today!!

I dropped Matt off at 8, Grant and I went to get some breakfast and then headed to Midway. We went straight to the cemetery to visit my Grandpa's grave, I think it's the first time I ever took Grant. They never met in this life. 

From there we went to see my grandma in Heber until Amanda and Jose got to town. Grant played with her, listened to her piano skills, and made messes.

When they got to grandma's we visited a bit longer with them and Uncle Jamie before we headed back to Midway. It was CRAZY! Like the biggest fair ever. We went straight to find lunch, I neeeeeded a salad so after searching forever I found one and some strawberries and cream. Of course every little thing that Grant ate, he had to "dip" it in something.

Then we wandered and enjoyed the hundreds of stands. The crowds were crazy, the sun was hot, but I found something awesome. I saw these paintings and couldn't stop staring at one of them, I was debating on getting it until they said the artist was right there and would sign it so that was that.

Grant ended up falling asleep as we wandered. We were luckily it was a decent day, with the sun out we were hot but when it hid behind the clouds there was a cool breeze.

We headed back to the car, we parked by some horses, a donkey, and some sheep. That may have been Grant's favorite part of the day.

We went and relaxed for a bit at Jen's house before heading home to get dad from work. After picking him up Grant squealed in the back, pointing at the scab on his foot "HOLY CRAP! What dis, Dadda!? TELL ME!" Oh my gosh we laughed so hard, which probably confused him when I said "let's not say 'holy crap' anymore, k?" 

Now I'm aching and sore and sooo tired laying in bed enjoying some peace and quiet for probably 2 more minutes before the toddler invades.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Grant had a runny nose yesterday, did NOT sleep well through the night, and woke up with an obvious cold, although luckily he acts completely fine. He looks bad, but acts fine.

We went out front for a bit of fresh air and he was so happy about it. 

Matt brought me home some Zupas for dinner. It was heavenly. Except the cake. It made me sick. Dang it.

So Meredith's kids helped Grant eat it because I was watching them for a bit. 

We had a fabulous moment where the concept of sharing clicked in Grant's head!!! Thanks to Mikey, he totally gets it now. 

I put on Hotel Transylvania and all 4 of them were hooked. It was a weirdly calm moment and I sat thinking what it would be like to have 4 kids of my own right now.

Here is to a crazy rest of the week!
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