Thursday, November 20, 2014

Naked Potty Training DAY 2

(People should know this post is TMI by the title so it's your fault if you read this typical potty training update.)

Well today has been interesting. Grant knows the drill but seems to be holding in quite a bit. Most likely this has to do with the fact that he is terrified out of his mind of pooping. Just terrified.

Before going down for his nap at noon he only peed once and pood once, which was more like a traumatic experience of me holding him down while he screamed and cried til I let him up. Once we woke up from nap time his diaper was full. It is now 5 and he tried escaping his next poo. It ended up on the floor and then once again he held the rest in. His fear is overriding his success from yesterday, darn it. I'm at a loss of what to do, really.

Luckily he peed again and was very proud to announce that to me but that is only the second one today and I am hydrating him just as much as yesterday. This is fun. Super fun.
This is literally the face he chose to make when he saw me with the camera, he did this and held it til I was done. It looks like I blurred out his little willy but I just got lucky that his leg was blocking the goods. You're welcome.

Today he put on a hat and started yelling "ARRRR ARRRR" and I was like "what are you doing?" and he said "Pirate go ARRRRR". Then he started calling me dude.

For the last couple of weeks he's been holding me hand all the time. Just sitting around, or falling asleep at night. He just always wants to hold my hand and that's adorable. 

He also has been randomly saying to me "i'm gonna be fine."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Naked Potty Training DAY 1

Well first off, I dropped my dang phone off the edge of the stairs today and it's long gone dead. My only sadness came from the fact that I couldn't take pictures and easily blog from it. It was a wonderful day of not constantly checking it and constantly trying to distract Grant from wanting it. Luckily Amanda came down for the day so I had the use of her phone for these pictures and she is so awesome and let me borrow their camera til my new phone comes in the mail. I refused to put off this training any longer so I wasn't going to drive all the way to Salt Lake for their Apple store, I went the long route and I'm mailing in my broken one and waiting until the new one comes. I thought it would be perfect timing, Grant will be cut off from it completely and get used to it for at least a week before my new one comes in the mail. It will be a wonderful break from the modern world while still being able to use the computer for blogging or messaging through Facebook if necessary.

SO Day 1 went ridiculously well. I half feel completely mad that I put this off for so long because of how simple this has been but also realize that Grant is probably doing so well because he is over 2 1/2 already. I had just freaked myself out with all the many accidents that I'd have to clean up and how stressful it would be to get him to do what he needs to do. PLUS that's 3 days of not leaving the house once, no matter what. Not even to go get a new phone for me. But my word, it has been an easy day. Hallelujah. He had just not given any signs that he was ready, nothing. But I have 3 months left before having another baby and another size of diapers to be buying so it needed to be done and I just had to stop putting it off.

I kept a very detailed log of every step today, feeling very anxious this morning. I turned up the heat a bit and put a long sleeve shirt with a sweater on Grant along with socks and stripped everything else. He was a little confused at first but played with daddy til he left, we went down for breakfast and I kept the potty nearby. He seemed to understand what needed to happen, I turned on Despicable Me and he would go to sit, get up, go back and sit, nothing. Then he was sitting on the floor and said "oh no!" and hurried to his potty. He had sprinkled just a bit on the floor but nothing else in the potty, I knew he had stopped it and was holding it in. He was in the kitchen and started barely sprinkling on the floor and yelled "MOM!" and raced to his potty but still held it in. Soon he was holding his lower tummy saying it hurt and finally sat down and went. That's all it took, it clicked in his little head. YAY! From that point on he would go straight to his potty every time he needed to pee and he has gone at least 15 times today. I kept him very hydrated. I have reminded him over and over but every time he has gone has been on his own without a reminder.

Each time he went we'd walk up the potty and dump it, rinse it, wash our hands, and put a sticker on the chart. By the time we hit midday my achy back was done and Grant wasn't even announcing to me anymore, it was just normal. So I'd wait about 4 pees before taking it up so we didn't have to worry about it so much which means his potty chart is missing quite a few but he is most proud of it!

He was so awesome all day long, playing with Luca, running to his potty when necessary, going back to play all happy and proud of himself. It wasn't until this evening that he finally pooped. It was extremely sad but also hilarious. He kept going to the potty and seemed so confused, probably because it was a different feeling. When it was finally coming this face of straight fear came over him and he sat down, bent to see what was happening and almost cried when he saw. I had to hold him down to finish and he was just terrified. I think we fixed it, made things alright. We celebrated a bit more than any other time and talked about what happened and that it was okay and normal. Poor thing. 

It was a good first day, we only had 1 single accident. It started coming out on the floor, which I'm so grateful are wood, and he cried "hurry hurry!" as he ran to his potty. I'm going to go out and get him some underwear tomorrow when Matt gets home from work. He even did yoga with me "winnie the pooh style" as Matt likes to call this pant-less adventure. I'm so proud of the nugget! YAY FOR POTTY TRAINING!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Second Half of a Monday

Since it's 2:20am  not technically blogging 4 times in one day even though this is stuff from yesterday, right? I don't know why there was just so much!

I currently feel sickly and uncomfortable. I have a follow up chiropractor appointment first thing in the morning, which I'm hoping will help more than the last because I tend to get a little worse before feeling better after seeing a chiropractor each year. I just want to be able to walk around every day. And breath normally. You know, the regular 3rd trimester problems that can't actually be solved. But oh my goodness, to not have lower back pain would be heavenly.

After nap time Grant and I took a little walk on the bitter cold and the air quickly made his face light up again, just around where he suctioned his face with the vacuum hose. He could obviously feel it too as he wouldn't stop licking it all, yum.

It was time to get dinner in the crock pot but Amanda called and we spent some time discussing the cilantro lime dressing and scones at Chuck-a-Rama that I couldn't manage dinner because all I wanted was to go back to that place. Matt happily agreed and I believe we are satisfied in that area now. But you're not. You want their perfect scones with that butter and raspberry jam, oh my word nothing is more delicious.

I swear I could get Grant a plate of everything he like but when there are so any choices he doesn't want it at all. I should have learned by now to just put 2 things on his plate, he eats souch more that way. He just isn't a buffet kind of kid.

He asked for his "bucket" from a shelf and carried it around the house putting toys in it, telling me he was trick or treating. 

He insisted on wearing his hat, and when he does, no matter how many times I pull it down over his ears, he pulls it back up. And this is the best picture I could get of that:

Luckily when we are actually outside in the cold he normally keeps his ears in for me, good boy.

Now can I please sleep? Please?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Half a Monday

5 am seems to make me extremely productive. And since Grant woke at 7 he is currently asleep in my arms at only 12:30, folks! It is not easy carrying a 30 pounder, a full laundry basket, and a big belly up the stairs at the same time. Matt will scold me for that one but I'm just impressed with myself.

I realized the other day that I am officially in my THIRD TRIMESTER!! It feels good to have made it...

Since I still can't take prenatals and regularly worry it's going to make this babe colicky or have 2 heads, I take Grant up on his "tea pleas" every time. That pregnancy tea must do something good, right?

Check out Grant's ridiculously long and pointy tongue:

So I've done yoga, dishes, swept, vacuumed, did and FOLDED laundry, plus now blogged 3 times so far this morning. Normally Grant likes to use the hose when I'm done cleaning the couch with it but this time, after leaving him alone for 2 minutes I find him red faced and big lipped from using the suction in his face.

This picture pretty much sums up his good time:

I feel grateful when I see he can be so independant and play by himself without the TV or phone to play on. He was going to get one toy at a time to put in his backpack, over and over til it was full then told me he was going to visit Peppa Pig.

Then he found the laundry basket and repeatedly climbed in, tipped himself getting hurt, crying, then doing it again and again til one time he cried so much that he just started falling asleep. Luckily I got a picture from his happiest fall.

He was very excited about his warm clean blanket that I had managed to get into the washer and dryer without him noticing once! He wrapped it around himself and kept saying "so cwean!" Over and over.

Hallelujah for nap time!

my favorite sleepless night

When I'm up for hours by myself I often wish Matt would come down and party with me or Grant would come cuddle. I would obviously never purposefully wake them but I think about it every time.

Today I woke up a little later, at 5am, which meant there was no way I'd sleep again. So after blogging I headed downstairs for some breakfast and Gilmore Girls (or Home Girls, as Grant likes to call it). I ate a delicious cranberry bagel and around 7, two hours before Grant normally wakes, I heard his little feet up there. 

He came down smiling and said "mommy not sleep yet?" And came to cuddle. Matt said he had woken up and asked "where mommy go?" And he had said I was sleeping so Grant would go back to sleep. But I'm glad he came down to me, I missed him!

The best part of the morning was when the baby started kicking like crazy, high on my belly. He was kicking so hard that it knocked the remote off me so I said "do you want to feel your brother kick?" And Grant put his hand on my belly and very noticeably felt 2 big kicks. Grant looked up smiling at me each time so I knew he felt it! That was a fun first for us.

We ate some Cheerios and hung out til it was time for daddy to get up for work and came upstairs to be with him. Grant proceeded to tell Matt how he was wrong and I wasn't sleeping. 

Here is to an early nap today!


Grant's personality has been strong and obvious from day 1 when I was sitting in the dark, holding him up in my chest in our hospital room and he lifted his tiny little head to look around, those cute eyebrows raised to see around at the new world he was in. 

He has so much of Matt in him, his actions and demeanor, his sense of humor and definitely his laugh. But lately I see so much of me. He has some of my good points like my love for healthy food but unfortunately I see so much of my stubbornness lately. I see him react in anger to things that give him bits of anxiety and see his little freak outs when everything isn't going exactly the way he wants or thought it should. It's fun.

I am so lucky that I get to be with him 24/7. I mean that in every way, we sleep together. Co-sleeping has never been something I wanted, though Matt would be in heaven if we just had 1 massive bed and forever slept together with all 8 of our children or whatever. But this pregnancy has given me these crazy hormones and I can't sleep even less than I already do (it's currently 5am) unless Grant is with me. People offer babysitting so I can go do whatever or play dates that don't include me but aside from the fact that Grant loves to get out and run my arrands with me, I miss him SO bad in the small times I leave him with Matt. I just want him so bad I can't stand it, even when he is on the bottom floor of the library with a sister I trust with his life and I am quickly making copies in the 4th floor, I am missing him. 

I've worried a lot about those couple of days I won't have Grant when I am in the hospital having our second baby. All I can think is how I will beg my mom to bring him to see me as much as possible and how I want Matt to go home and sleep with him at night so I have that tiny bit of comfort, as if my mom isn't enough! I just have all these irrational thoughts that will easily be cleared up and work themselves out at that time. Grant will be turning 3 right after this baby comes and I am so grateful for all of this special alone time we've had together. It is something I will never have with any other child, it has been a huge blessing and I am more than possitive the Lord had a hand in it. Grant and I will always have this special bond. 

In my fears of missing him while I'm sleeping at the hospital, I started thinking about this next baby. I don't understand how I could possibly love another child the way I love Grant, I can't comprehend how another child can be "the cutest most perfect thing ever" but I know that it will happen. I never knew how much I could love Grant until he came to me. I know I will be exhausted and want that quiet time but I also realized that those 2 nights with my new baby boy will be the only time we ever have together by ourselves, while his big brother got 3 years of undivided attention. I know once I hold this one in my arms I will want every second with him, just as I have with Grant. I will be so grateful for those couple of days.

Backing up quite a bit, to Grant and his ever growing personality and those anxieties that have recently manifest themselves, I've found some solutions along the way. That 24/7 time spent with him has been a learning process that has brought growth in my own personality and changed me almost completely. I'm far from perfect but I've learned how to work with it. 

Matt is by far the best father I could ever ask for my children, they may never know just how lucky they are. But I can see how much the role of the mother takes over while I recognize little things throughout the day, something I am blessed with as a stay at home mom. I've learned how to respond to Grant, how to word things just right. Matt is learning the little things that as a hard working and providing husband he would miss because being a stay at home mom isn't his defining job, just like any other family in our situation. Like if your going to change a diaper, you grab hold of him and go together to the diapers before he even realizes what is happening or he will run away and you will have to get back up and chase him down, and that isn't an easy task.

For example, when Grant sees me getting his toothbrush he will race away, laughing because while he doesn't want to brush his teeth he also thinks it's a game for me to catch him first. We have those nights of him fighting it and not opening his mouth and I learned how to work it. All I have to say is "remember, you like helping mommy brush your teeth." And he goes "oh yah", comes back, opens up and we clean. Then I let him do it himself and rinse and put his own toothbrush away. So simple. 

At meal time, no matter where we may be, he will happily eat almost anything I give him if I do it in the right order. Even just an unhealthy kids meal at a fast food restaraunt, "Yum! An apple came with this kids meal!" We eat it before I pull out the sandwich, with nothing else in sight he will eat the whole thing. THEN "okay there might be french fries you can have if your still hungry", and sometimes he isn't! 

I have the same system at home, we hide the baked chips that may be a part of this meal because that's all he'll want other wise, it can just be a snack after the other yummy and healthier foods are eaten. It's a very successful system I've got, although I have a feeling I won't be so lucky with all my kiddos.

I do hope, however, that they will each receive as much attention as I've been able to give Grant and that I will be able to recognize each of their small personality traits and how to best respond to them in similar situations. 

It's such a fun life, mommyhood. And I'm still so close to the beginning. 
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