Friday, August 29, 2014


I have been wanting to go to Swiss Days since I moved back here like 5 years ago!  Something alwaysssss gets in the way or I forget or don't realize it's time and miss it. This year my cousin Jen mentioned it so Amanda and I planned on going today!!

I dropped Matt off at 8, Grant and I went to get some breakfast and then headed to Midway. We went straight to the cemetery to visit my Grandpa's grave, I think it's the first time I ever took Grant. They never met in this life. 

From there we went to see my grandma in Heber until Amanda and Jose got to town. Grant played with her, listened to her piano skills, and made messes.

When they got to grandma's we visited a bit longer with them and Uncle Jamie before we headed back to Midway. It was CRAZY! Like the biggest fair ever. We went straight to find lunch, I neeeeeded a salad so after searching forever I found one and some strawberries and cream. Of course every little thing that Grant ate, he had to "dip" it in something.

Then we wandered and enjoyed the hundreds of stands. The crowds were crazy, the sun was hot, but I found something awesome. I saw these paintings and couldn't stop staring at one of them, I was debating on getting it until they said the artist was right there and would sign it so that was that.

Grant ended up falling asleep as we wandered. We were luckily it was a decent day, with the sun out we were hot but when it hid behind the clouds there was a cool breeze.

We headed back to the car, we parked by some horses, a donkey, and some sheep. That may have been Grant's favorite part of the day.

We went and relaxed for a bit at Jen's house before heading home to get dad from work. After picking him up Grant squealed in the back, pointing at the scab on his foot "HOLY CRAP! What dis, Dadda!? TELL ME!" Oh my gosh we laughed so hard, which probably confused him when I said "let's not say 'holy crap' anymore, k?" 

Now I'm aching and sore and sooo tired laying in bed enjoying some peace and quiet for probably 2 more minutes before the toddler invades.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Grant had a runny nose yesterday, did NOT sleep well through the night, and woke up with an obvious cold, although luckily he acts completely fine. He looks bad, but acts fine.

We went out front for a bit of fresh air and he was so happy about it. 

Matt brought me home some Zupas for dinner. It was heavenly. Except the cake. It made me sick. Dang it.

So Meredith's kids helped Grant eat it because I was watching them for a bit. 

We had a fabulous moment where the concept of sharing clicked in Grant's head!!! Thanks to Mikey, he totally gets it now. 

I put on Hotel Transylvania and all 4 of them were hooked. It was a weirdly calm moment and I sat thinking what it would be like to have 4 kids of my own right now.

Here is to a crazy rest of the week!

Monday, August 25, 2014

a visit to the doctor

Today I had an appointment, Grant talked about going to the doctor all day long. It was a new one, a closer one, the first time we've been there. It was super child friendly! They have a little room off to the side and to get to it you go under a big aquarium full of Finding Nemo fish.

When there are things for him to play with he is great, but my word this child is monstrous in public. Luckily not in a screaming way, but he has no fears. He just ran around friggin everywhere, to anyone, in any room. But obviously only when I was unable to stop him. Like when they were taking my blood pressure or drawing my blood. When we were waiting in our room for like 20 minutes he seemed to just shut down, not knowing what to do with himself in such a small place.

This was after he exhausted himself with the view and singing I Love to See the Temple 73 times because he could see it from the window.

Speaking of drawing my blood, oh my LAND was it awful!!!! Since having Grant nobody seems to be able to find my veins. EVER. So they're all "oh this lady is great, she will do perfect." And I tell her I need to lie down because I pass out but she's all "oh I'm fast, I think you'll be fine." Sorry but last time someone said that I passed out and almost had a seizure and I am alone here with my toddler and have to drive myself sooo... Even though it meant going to a different room, I layed down.

And guess what? It took about a half hour of her stabbing me in my arms, hands, and then finally my wrists. I am bruised like a druggy and it hurts to just type. She's not so gentle. Nobody believes me. 

At least I don't need to do that again for like 2 months. I may go somewhere else too... 

Otherwise I LOVE my new doctor. 

Giant Deadly Spiders

Yesterday was quite the adventure at church. I could tell Grant was tired and he was just balling in nursery for the first time in a few weeks so I took him to try to get him to nap. But he just threw a fit saying he wanted to go back to nursery so Matt took him. About 4 minutes later I was called out of Sunday school to find his nursery leader holding him, covered in vomit. Yum. Poor guys. Both of them.

So I cleaned him up as best I could then took him home, Matt stayed with him while I went back for Relief Society hoping for that same lesson they didn't do last week. Of course it wasn't, but it was still a good one.

Grant was completely fine after that, he's not sick so I don't know what happened there. He better not be one of those kids that just throws up when he cries to hard. No. Way.

I have a doctors appointment today so we took Matt to work. As we're getting in the car Grant points out this big spider in the garage, obviously dead. I put him in and went to look.

The entire ride was pretty much me trying not to have a panic attack or cry. I do not do spiders. But this one!! SERIOUSLY!? No. We are getting sprayed.

Today is my first day of classes so we celebrated by grabbing breakfast at Kneaders on the way home. And by breakfast I mean a peach smoothie and their ridiculously incredible French dip sandwich.

I would also like to note how obviously awesome my English class is going to be because one of our required texts is the first Harry Potter book soooooo.....

I was talking to my mom about how I've been working on my preparing myself for some things coming up in my life. I've been studying and working on my mental stress, staying calm, relaxing...and she mention yoga. I hadn't even THOUGHT OF PHYSICAL PREPARDNESS!!! Soooo I started some yoga this morning. It's interesting how much different it is trying to do yoga with a child sitting on/pulling on/screaming around you... But it was okay. He tried doing it all with me. So that's cute.

Driving home from Kneaders this morning I started dancing to some music and Grant yells "no dance mama! Grant dance!" And he starts shakin it back there. So I started singing and he yells "SHHHHHH!!!"


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Brooklyn is 4!

Yesterday morning I woke up around 7:30 NEEDING Amanda's copy cat sweet pork salad. So I got up and ate what she sent home with me. Oh my word. So worth it. That salad is better than the original.

We had to get ready early to go get Brooklyn's present and head to Santaquin again for her birthday party. Grant kept asking me to take "picture cheese".

Brooklyn's party was cowgirl and horse themed because it's her recent obsession, meaning pretty much all her gifts were horses of some kind.

Grant was given a cowboy hat when we first got there, which he wore proudly for awhile until Aunt Nia have him a cowgirl hat and daddy tried to taek it from him so of course that's the only thing he wanted after that.

They all went out to play some games before the rain came. Grant was the youngest of the group and seemed a bit confused most of the time. But he enjoyed all the little people!
^^Brooklyn showing me how old she is now^^

They pulled out Nail polish for all the girls, I distracted Grant with a cookie but Auntie Nia got him anyway. He came to show me his 2 blue nails after.

Next we headed in for present time. I was relieved that Grant wasn't the only one trying to help. ALL the kids were tearing everything apart with Brooklyn and she was a good sport.

Soon it was time to go, after the cake and ice cream of course...and Grant hugged every single person.

The rain had stopped when we left but those clouds were just gorgeous. It's one on my favorite drives out here, to and from Santaquin.

Since Matt or I accidently ran over Grant's bike with the car, killing it dead, and I sold my bike with his seat on it, he has been begging for a bike! I wanted to get him a big wheels and mentioned it at some point, and yesterday grandma and grandpa suprised Grant with one. I put the thing together as soon as we got home. Like- every tiny piece, people, oh my word. Grant was "helping" and went into the kitchen at some point, he came out whining about who knows what but as soon as he saw that what I was building had a shape he smiled so big, took a huge breath and said "biiiikkkkeee!!" 

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