Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Story of a Cookie

So like I've mentioned before, I have doctors orders to eat anything I can keep down, cuz it's not much. Once I recover my diet rules will be set right back in place. Matt is still going strong even when the only fluids I get in my system in a day are slurpies. 

Yesterday Amanda and I saw some cute little girls with a cookie and lemonade stand so we decided to support their endeavors. It was a chocolate chip cookie and though it wasn't my favorite, it tasted goooood. After time I realized it didn't hurt my stomach. Awesome.

This morning when I woke up I was thinking about that cookie. The problem is, when something sounds good the likelihood that I will get sick making it is high. Like meatloaf. But when I started thinking about making some cookies I felt okay... So I asked one of my neighbors that has been offering to help me every day for some chocolate chips. She was very willing. Thank you, Heather. 

Here's my deal with cookies. Everyone says they have the best recipe or make the best cookies ever. However everyone has a different kind of "best cookie ever". Like the 2 friends I'm thinking of in my head right now that swear their recipe is the best EVER like fat, fluffy, and drier chocolate chip cookies. I do not. Therefore, their recipe is not MY best ever. I like flat chewy cookies. So I started looking through Pinterest for some chewy flat recipes. There were several. 

Since I still didn't feel sick reading these recipes, I went forth. My absolute biggest reason for going forth: I have never made Grant cookies before!! Seriously!? Seriously. He was very excited about this. 

By helping me pour and mix and lick the butter spoon, he was extremely helpful. 

I am a big believer in eating cookie dough, as long as I make it. Grant is now also a believer in eating cookie dough, although I did not.

I caught him sneaking some several times while waiting for the cookies to bake.

When the first batch finished and that timer went off Grant squealed with delight, "COOKIES DONE, MOM!!!!" When I pulled that pan out he said, clearer than I've ever heard, "ohhh....myyy....goooshhhh...." That's about what I was feeling as well. 

Then came the test, did I pick a good recipe? Yes. Yes I did. Oh my goodness, those cookies were perfectly perfect. Holy cow. They were flat, soft, and slightly chewy. After cooling down they've gotten a little chewier, which is fabulous. 

Heather gets her own plate for sharing some chocolate chips so let's hope she's a flat and chewy cookie kind of girl.

If you're a flat and chewy cookie kind of person, here's the recipe I used:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Day

The most excitement around here comes when Amanda and Luca get to come over. It's about $10 of gas per trip so I would say we've both invested thousands of dollars into our relationship.

Grant has this habit lately of waking up even earlier, from 530-6. Luckily it's still dark so I tell him to shush and go back to sleep. I prefer this much more than the former habit of waking up at 7 because at least he goes back to sleep for a few more hours!

Grant and Luca had some bubble time. It was so funny watching Luca figure things out and slowly catch a bubble on time.

Grant's sentences grow more complete every day. "I sowy mama", "go a bed", "wead scwiptures", "I hunggy. Food." 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

1/2 and 1/2

Today started out pretty good. We are having to revert back a year to let each other sleep in because SOMEONE wakes up at 7 on the dot. Bah. 

But we got ready and headed to Payless because Grant never stops growing. We found him some cutie pie sandles and new church shoes. 

Then Costco followed by a visit to the grandpatents. Grant was so happy to see them, he climbed on them, sat between them, gave them 207 kisses each. I snuck out my phone for a picture that was apparently the 2 second time frame nobody was smiling:

Because of my dehydration I have doctors orders to drink anything and everything. "Summer is perfect, grab some slurpies, slushies, and snow cones!" So I did. On our way home I grabbed a Butterbeer shaved ice for Grant and I to share.

Worst decision ever. Oh my word. This destroyed my good day. Not only did it give my body a sugar high, it made me feel so sick, with the worst heartburn ever. I was SO tired but after trying to nap for 2 hours I gave up. My heart was racing. I seriously maybe only ate 1/6 of that thing but I haven't had that kind of sugar intake in months! Oh my word.

So I just took pictures of Grant, who slept for FOUR HOURS!

I finished Heaven is for Real before he woke up, which yes, was a great story but I am SO glad I didn't spend money on that in the theater...

Friday, July 18, 2014


I feel so good that I am totally going to post for the THIRD time today!

When I feel welly favorite time of the day is the evening when the 3 of us go upstairs together and cuddle in our bed. We sing song with Grant, he makes Matt check all the rooms upstairs, then we read scriptures and pray. 

When we are singing we let Grant pick which song is next, he always puts his finger above his lip and say "uuuhhhmmmm..."

I love watching Matt and Grant sit and have conversations. They are so cute together!

I was posting something on Instagram real quick and I looked up to see them just talking under Grant's blanket.


Amanda just sent me the pictures from yesterday so BACKTRACK!

I asked her to come down and watch Grant because I was dehydrated again. BUT luckily the nurse talked me into trying some different things and with Amanda's help I had a fabulous day. I drank lots and was able to eat! (Today I ate ALL THREE MEALS of the day!! It feels so great to eat!!! AND healthy food too, which I've just had straight up aversions to. Hallelujah.)

So the boys had fun, Grant was crazy happy and had so much fun with them. Poor thing is just stuck inside with his sick mama every day. Look how happy!

He loves trying to comfort and pick up Luca lately. It's so cute and dangerous ha.

We attempted facetiming Kenz several times before we switched to Skype.

Grant is in this new phase of showing everyone his tummy. So he showed Lenz like 89 times. Then Kenz started showing him hers and it made him laugh so hard. They are awesome.

Thank heavens for modern technology when aunties live so far away!!!

Ohio Girls Try Jamberry

Soooo Kelly became a Jamberry consultant and I'm like "are you kidding me? There is another sales pitch thing out there!?" But I decided to support her one day and played this game on Facebook and totally fell in love. Not in love like I'll spend a million dollars but I get gel toes done from my neighbor every other month for $20 so I decided to stop that and spend $5 every other month instead for something even cuter that lasts the same amount of time! 

So for playing the game on Facebook I won se accent nails, the Ohio girls came over for Mexican food today and Kelly showed is all how to apply the nails and have fun with them! This was my pick.

It was crazy easy to apply them, and they are so cute! 

Cassi did the same one as me and then we even put some on little Caelynn because they are toxic free! 

Grant was jealous and didn't understand why he didn't get to have pretty nails so I painted one of his a clear color. He and Caelynn showed them off:

If anyone is interested or wants to check out Jamberry nails, here is Kelly's page! 

As we were hanging out Caelynn was riding Grant's bouncing horse, the one we got from a neighbor that put it on their street for free. Caelynn stuck her fingers into the red handles on it's head and pulled out a rolled up piece of paper. This is it:

WHAT!? Soooo bizarre! So weird, in fact, that we just KNEW it had to have been Matt. He's the only one that could think something like that up. I texted him and he said it was not him but he wished he had thought of that. We are just at a loss of what in the world that is about. So weird and hilarious. Whatever.

The kids played pretty decent together today, Luca loved everyone. He kept climbing up to see Caelynn in the car.

Grant loved patting Cassi's growing tummy. He stood there talking about the baby for at least 5 minutes. So cute. He understands sooo much more than we do, he just seems to understand the concept of a baby in the tummy. Pretty cute.
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