Thursday, July 31, 2014

Good good good good day

Today was awesome! I'm not sure why but I'm grateful. I woke up to clean a bunch since my mama gets here tomorrow! Plus my mother in law came by for a visit today as well. She brought Grant some shoes, clothes, and treats because he is SPOILED! But that's what grandparents are for, right?

When she left it was raining out and oh so nice. Grant just wanted to get wet and I love the rain so he will always be welcome to enjoy it any way he'd like! Except the mud. Sorry dude, not today.

Everytime the thunder came he'd go "uh nOIse!?" (Like actually exaggerating that OI) the first time he ask "airplane?" No silly boy, it's beautiful thunder!!!! Then he just started dancing around and I felt so happy!

When daddy got home I entertained the babe while my man cleaned the bathrooms and the microwave because he's what heaven is made of. Grant and I made a little poster for Grandma Becky.

He kept telling me to draw things "uh hmmm... HEART! Uhhmmmm... STAR! Uhhh hmmm... NEMO!" Seriously washable markers are a gift from heaven. Oh my word. I have no fears letting him play with those.

I seriously can't even express my excitement about my mom time. I miss that woman so much all the friggin time and now we get her for a week!! Tomorrow will be the longest day ever since she doesn't get in til evening. It's like that last month if really lasts like 5 months smashed in one. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Grandpa Danny is old

This morning Amanda sent a picture of Luca wishing my dad a happy birthday:

I had been thinking of emailing him all week, I knew he's out of town for work so I just stole Amanda's plan with her permission and emailed these two to him:

That's as close to an actual smile as we could get, the knuckle head. 

We miss Grandpa Danny. I always swore I would live close to my parents so my kids would have an amazing relationship with them. It's really hard sometimes but I'm grateful for skype and jobs that sometimes bring Dad out, and the babies that bring Mom out :)

Grant was much better today, after he threw up unfortunately. So I assume he had a random bug, but he was completely fine from about 2 on. I think we're in the clear. He was climbing all over things, on his car saying "careful, Grant" to himself. 

He hardly slept at all last night, which explains his 3 naps today. But I was suprised I couldn't sleep with him, I've gotten myself too far addicted to Doctor Who, although it did take me 4 1/2 seasons to care. Whatever. It's awesome.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Them Molars

For crying out loud, it never ends. I mean luckily we're not actually sick over here but once again Grant has a constant fever of 101+ because, I hope, one of his other 2 year old molars are coming in.

I've been putting off his check up because when this boy gets his shots he gets a fever that lasts forever and my mom is going to get here for a week long visit this Friday. I was him to fully enjoy his grandma time because it is rare and precious. 

But alas, a fever was inevitable. Poor baby. He points at his mouth and says "hurt". Then he cuddles all day long. The blessing to come out of this, though, I haven't had a moment to think of my own aliments while taking care of him! 

His other comforts aside from mommy are his blanket and cup. I have to make sure it's the one that never leaks because he will NOT let it out of his grasp. Notice the pictures above as well...

He also has to be as cuddled into me as possible, see how he has my hand so my arm is wrapped around him? He stayed cuddled into me, he boiling hot body no matter how much medicine is in him.

Literally in the whole day we had 3 moments where I felt the alternating ibprophen and Tylenol were actually working. One was right after his nap, he woke me up by leaning in my face and loudly asking "SLEEPING, MAMA?!" Then he happily played with the thermometer which he calls "te-ta-ture" for "temperature".

The next moment came while I was watching Doctor Who as he had fallen asleep on me. The theme song came on and he started doin a little dance to the beat. I pulled the camera out and he made a couple faces as he could see himself on my phone:

The final happy moment came right before bed, he sat up and started laughing and breathing really hard in and out of his nose with his face scrunched up saying "Aca, Aca!" Cuz that's his impression of Luca who like to crawl around breathing like that.

Now daddy is over on the couch, giving up his place on our bed for Grant as he will wake in aching pain every 4 hours for one med or the other. It will be a long night.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sprayed Out

This morning we were infested by ants once again! They came in through the walls everywhere else we haven't sprayed. Seriously. Everywhere. We took every single piece of furniture to the center of the room, vacuumed up 1035 ants and sprayed and sprayed. Then I took Matt to work. The smell was so strong we stayed out all day long.

First I took Grant to see the 2nd How to Train a Dragon movie, which he loved and I liked more than expected. They aren't my favorite movies but it was a great sequel. We were literally the only 2 in the theater at 11am and of course it's the one time Grant stayed by my side the whole movie. He loved it, snacking on his minion graham crackers Amanda got him addicted to. 

He fell asleep for the last 5 minutes and somehow slept through me carrying him out to the car when he woke up confused asking "movie!? movie!?" I cheered him up by reminding him we were headed to play at Jace's house because mommy had a doctors appointment right by them. 

Those two. It was interesting. They went back and forth from hating to loving each other today. Here are a couple loving moments:

They were playing in the pool, which I hadn't planned on, so without a swim diaper Grant borrowed some big boy underwear from Jace for the day. Feast your eyes on this: Grant mowing the lawn in underwear:

So we head to the doctor's just to find out I had gone to the wrong office and had to get to Provo in 10 minutes!!! I was so mad driving there, I could have been spending time with my cousin for half the day because I'm never in Provo!! Whatever. Then it didn't even matter that I was 10 minutes late because they didn't call me back for an HOUR!! Oh my word. So I switched to a local doctor. Too much gas for so much stress. But Grant Willis's that office and it's fun couches and toys.

He's asleep next to me now. That's how it's been lately, he just decides it's time and he's out. Cutie pants.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Brittany to SLC

Brittany had a rental car and needed to use the gas up today so she came to pick Grant and I up and we headed to Amanda's.

Right before I left however, I saw an ant crawling up the couch. I looked down to find a huge trail of ants from the door, down the wall, around the rocking chair, everywhere! I grabbed the Spray n Wash and went to town on those suckers. 

When we got home later they had begun building a home IN our home!! I vacuum, cleaned, sprayed, and 3 hours later they were back with more things to build their home with. So I dropped some deadly chemicals down there. We shall see what happened come morning.

ANYWAY it was a smashed ride with 3 car seats in the back but we did it. The ride up was a bit like torture. Hailey was fussy and apparently wouldn't stop touching Grant who kept telling her to "SHHH" and "stop crying!" 

He was very happy once we made it to Amanda's, he just booked it to knock on her door. You see him there?

We all hung out, including her nieces. We had a short swimming trip, my stomach couldn't handle the movement and Hailey needed a nap. So we headed back for lunch and to watch Hailey watch Frozen. You read that right. The girl never looks away, she doesn't move. That movie must emit a drug or have some hypnotic power because every child is just obsessed! 

The way home was by far better than the trip up. All 3 kids were out within 5 minutes.

Brittany dropped us off at Matt's work. Since it was so crazy hot and we'd have to wait a bit I decided to take Grant to visit good ole Rita. He was most satisfied.

After getting daddy we did some grocery shopping and headed home for the night, ready to relax.

Pioneer Day

I woke up to Matt saying "wanna go to Salt Lake today?" Be distracted by my sister who has new foods in her home and give my child a break from our house? Uh yah.

I finally remembered to put the outfit grandma sent on him while going up so he and Luca could match for pictures. It was a coincidence that it happened to be a holiday, and cousin pictures was our only celebration this year. We seriously slept through fireworks. I was out by 830.
But Sidenote question-why are there 5x the fireworks for Pioneer Day then on the 4th?

So we headed to Amanda and Jose's, they were being good citizens and celebrating at the parade with the prophet while Grant tried on all of Amanda's shoes.

Once they got back we took pictures of the boys. Luca just straight up refused to smile and they are very professionally done with my phone, as always. No big deal, we just wanted to show grandma how cute they were in the clothes she sent!

For lunch we went to grab Subway. That would be my 5th day in a row. Apparently Subway and me are friends. I will go again today. But no tomatoes, NO tomatoes up in here. No.

Amanda and I hung out and listened to the boys playing in the other room. Grant would just break out in this hysterical laughter every 30 seconds or so. They just chased each other around forever and made weird noises. I was so sad to tell him it was time to go get daddy.

We had fun. After I fell asleep last night I missed a call that Brittany is going up to Amanda's today and is picking us up on the way. We have no choice but to have ore fun today without even using our own gas money. Oh darn.
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