Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Last Day

Well my mom and Nicole leave tomorrow afternoon so today was out last full day with them. It's a sad thing but I'm also ready to get into our own groove and schedule. I fully expect tomorrow to be really hard, as usual. It probably won't be too long before she is back with the family for my grandma's funeral, which isn't the best circumstance to be able to be together again, but still...

It will be a little lonely at first but I worry most about Grant. He had so much love and attention this last week while I couldn't do as much for him as I did before the baby came. BUT I did have a good half hour by myself with them today, my very first moments alone with both my boys. It felt wonderful.

I FINALLY took myself to the doctor today since I seriously still have this sinus infection. I scheduled with my midwives since I don't even have a family doctor yet and it worked out beautifully!! Mandy was there, the midwife in training that delivered Nikolai. She came right in, gave me a hug and got to hold the babe and chat with us for a bit. As we were headed out I asked if I could get a picture of her holding Nikolai and she said "I wanted to ask you that but didn't want to be a weirdo!" Apparently Nikolai was her very first delivery ever. That's stinkin adorable.

This morning the boys were just hanging out together. I love it when Nikolai is wide awake in the mornings because he is so good at sleeping all night. He wakes up to eat and then is out again. I felt that might be the case because he was always sleeping at night while in me, never kicking unless I would be up with my insomnia for a bit.

After the doctor we ran last errands together with Amanda and Luca as well. For lunch I took them to Mi Ranchito in American Fork, promising how amazing it was and it did not disappoint. Everyone loved it, including the fried ice cream I made them all try.
^^as usual, Nikolai was an angel, sleeping the day away in his car seat everywhere we went. I get anxiety going to too many places with him in his car seat. I just want to hold him and get him out of there so I ended up coming home while they all went to Seagull Book without me. That was my moment alone, just me and my babes. 

Back at home Luca and Grant played the evening away, lots of ring around the rosie's went down.

Nikolai love love loves his swing. It puts him out in 2 seconds, oh my word!

We are really gonna miss having grandma and Nicole around...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nikolai's 1st real bath

Luca is finally coming around to Matt. Every once in awhile he will start crying when he comes into a room but it goes away fast and Matt keeps trying to be his friend....

Nicole got some Eric Carl pjs for both Grant and Luca and last night we finally put them on together for a picture.

Since my mom and sister are here I use a cover while nursing cuz I like the privacy of my boobs... But I love staring down at Nikolai's steel eyes wide open in there. And I LOVE watching his little feet at legs stick out the other end.

He is just such a good and happy baby.

UNLESS it's bath time, holy cow! I think next time I'll take a full on bath in the tub with him and see if that helps his freak outs...

I came in to see grandma helping Grant hold Nikolai today and it was the sweetest!

I had homework today and when I finished I couldn't see Nikolai anywhere... He was all protected by the couch and a pillow apparently... Just sleeping away.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Yesterday grandma and Nicole took Grant to sacrament meeting while the 3 of us rested away from any germs. Matt was up until 5am with Nikolai while I slept so he slept the morning away, sweet man.

With Matt back at work Grandma gets up in the night with Nikolai if necessary so I can sleep. Life will be interesting without all this help! Luckily I'll still have Matt.

Of course Grant needs to hold Nikolai all the time, all the live long day.

I found these in my phone yesterday, all his selfies.

Today we needed to go pick up Nikolai's birth certificate so we ran some other errands while we were at it. Kelly sent us this stinkin cute sweater when I was pregnant and Nikolai wore it for the first time today!

We went to Home Depot and the boys were going crazy with all the space they could explore.

Then after Walmart we went to Broadbent's in Lehi because they have some original and adorable blessing outfits. I picked my favorite along with some booties while Grant and Luca played with all the toys and mom went through all the fabric should stand.

Nikolai did so good out and about, he just slept or stared around at things. I fed him in the car at Pollo Loco after eating a late lunch, mom wanted to try them out! 

We came home and Nikolai just got so much love all around. Luca was so confused by his mom holding a different child, but then joined in himself.

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