Thursday, December 18, 2014


THEY'RE BAAAAAACK!!!! Amanda came down as soon as they woke for the day, we anxiously awaited them here. Grant was so excited to see them again, as if 2 weeks was months and months.

I was even able to get a picture of Grant with Amanda's iPad under the blanket, the little weirdo.

Amanda brought lots of fun things with her, one of which was a free baby swing I had claimed in her neighborhood. Grant searched to find his "baby doll", put him in and rocked him while singing rock a bye baby over and over.

Kelly and Thomas came to play, she is moving in just 2 weeks so I made her a blog!! Yay! I feel so proud getting others to blog, it's been such an incredible way to keep our family records. I've got so many many many memories in this thing and always come back to go over things, check on certain facts, so much is available here because I've been so diligent on a daily basis. I AM proud of it.

So when we finished we all went around the corner so they could see Brittany's new house! She got a cutie dog yesterday named Ike and this little pooch was south fun with the kids. They were on the trampoline together and Grant was laughing hysterically at him bouncing and tackling and pulling on him all over the place. 

We left Brittany's to go run some baby errands! We don't need much but we do need some things so we knocked off a few things from my list before going to get a yummy dinner at Kneaders. I snapped a picture of Grant because he literally had all his most favorites in one place. Soup, croutons, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Daddy is seeing the new Hobbit movie tonight so we are hanging out extra late! Grant will be out like a rock as soon as they leave since he's had no nap today. I'm so happy they are back!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crazy Nutcracker

I got this nutcracker months ago, he's pretty much Grant's favorite toy. They talk and he sticks things in its mouth. 

My back pain has lessened and I am enjoying being able to work out again, more than just yoga that is. Although I have to stop once my stomach starts tightening but still! It's feeling great!

This is Grant's spot, I find him hiding regularly back there, picking off pieces of the dead tree...

Right now he is walking around with headphones hanging from his ears saying he is a doctor. That makes me super excited about the doctor kit I got him for Christmas. He is going room to room asking "Manda, Wooka, you here?! Where are you??"

Grantisms Galore

*This morning I made our usual oatmeal breakfast and we were eating at the table when Grant pointed at the coloring pages and said "that family night, mom." It was an activity we had done together on Monday night, talking about the Word of Wisdom. I felt super proud that we've been successful at remembering and having FHE enough that Grant would be talking about it!

*Instead of saying "kipas" for scriptures, he now say "crispers".

*Grant keeps calling everything a kids meal, like every kind of food, every meal. It's so strange because I have probably gotten him one actually fast food kids meal his whole life, and I don't think I actually called it that. I can only assume he picked this up from TV but when he asks me to make him a kids meal it drives me nuts because EVERYTHING is a kids meal to him and he won't clarify.

*He wants to do everything together, as in he says this. "Go under daddy's bwanket togevow, mom!" "Each almonds togevow now" (he loves almonds!) "watch tv togevow, okay?"

*while playing with his nativity this morning, we were talking about the angel and when he turned it around and saw the wings he said "what da heck! Dis butterfly?!" 

*I was making Grant some dinosaur chicken nuggets per his request, and I started cutting up a cucumber for my salad -and for him- and he goes "WHAT DA HECK?! You make cumba?! GrrrIFIC, MOM!" (Daniel Tiger once again)

It's such a good feeling as a mom to have to say things like " okay you need to eat your chicken nuggets now, you've had enough cucumbers." Or "take a couple bites of your pizza and I'll give you more carrots." It's so strange but wonderful. He ate almost as much of my salad as I did before I made him finish his chicken nuggets.

*Our families favorite game as of recently is the telephone game. I'll whisper something in Grant's ear and he'll say it out loud to daddy, and vise versa. It's pretty hysterical and just typing this I wonder why it's so funny just making Grant say what we want. But it is.

*For some reason Grant keeps calling me "wittle boy". I don't know why, I never call him that and he's really good at knowing girls from boys. We went through a list the other day, "Is Luca a boy or girl?" Boy. "Is Christina a boy or girl?" Girl. We went through everyone we know and he got most of them right!

This morning we made a Christmas tree together. He loved showing me where to put the glue, then he'd put an ornament down.

He got so upset when I said our Christmas tree was sad, because that thing is dead gone. I'm curious how many live trees made it this year since its been so crazy dry.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


There is no way to write the way Grant responds to everything, the way he fluctuates and draws out his "yahHHHHHHhhh". It's too bad I can share that. Just read my mind.

He is currently sprawled out between Matt and I creating and "H" out of our bodies in this bed. He rarely touches me though, always all up on Matt, which is the only way I seem to be still be fine with this co sleeping situation my hormones have going on.

The stinker is learning to deceive apparently. I had a chocolate orange in my lap and he pointed behind me and said "monster over there!". As I turn to look to please him, he seriously snuck some chocolate from my lap! As if I wasn't going to share...

We did a naked day yesterday because he has regressed a bit potty training wise. Of course when I say we, I mean he. I was surely clothed. Without pants/underwear/pull ups on he peed AND pood in the potty every single time. The second those pants went on, he used them, dang it! I felt much better about it since the doctor told me I'm early and not to worry about it but I just really didn't want to buy more diapers or pull ups. Whatever.

So this is Grant hiding from me because I said it was time to get dressed:

While he was napping I read a really good article in December's Ensign called Life More Abundant. Filling my life with things that make me successful, happy, and proud has always been on my mind. I pushed myself to get to Europe and am so proud of it. I got back in school, although it's taking a bit longer as a mommy, I'm so proud of it. I found a man who took me to the temple and we made 2 precious babes together, I'm so so proud of that. But there are little things here and there I need to be better at on a daily basis that I know will make my life feel much more abundant. Like serving others. Or working out more and turning off the dang TV. 

It was a really good article, these were my 2 favorite parts:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

the second one

I feel bad that I haven't kept such good track of things with this baby compared to Grant, but I suppose it's probably that way with the first. Don't worry, I'll love this one too.

A couple weeks ago this baby start visibly "rolling" all the time. You know, like I can see a foot or a knee pushing out going from one end of my stomach to another. He is literally doing it right now and It's fun to catch it in time, put my hand there and I can feel him quickly pull away. Matt has been feeling movements so much, it seems much more than with Grant. 

Grant is still just hugging and patting and rubbing my belly at random times, his new response to "who is in mommy's tummy? is "my bwuder".

This picture cracks me up, as I didn't notice until I was looking at it that he was just chewing on a garden shovel. In my bedroom. What the heck.

I've started retaining water a bit, that's been lots of fun. But my back has been hurting a lot less and I am constantly comparing how wonderful this pregnancy is compared to all the awful dozens of symptoms I had with Grant. 

Heartburn has been a daily thing. Tums and milk help but I read the other day that raw almonds are great for this so I got some and HOLY SMOKES it works better than tums. I ate just 3 before bed last night and some after breakfast this morning and have had no issues! Good thing I love almonds.

I seriously pee like 8+ times a night and am completely amazed how there is so much stored in there. Then I read yesterday that when you are pregnant your kidneys work 50% harder than when you aren't because of the increased blood flow. So not only do we have to go more because our bladders are smashed, our bodies are actually and literally creating 50% more urine than normal! Bahhhhh


It finally snowed again yesterday!! It didn't really stick and while driving. In Santaquin I was quite stressed out but there was some on the ground this morning so I am satisfied.

Grant and I sat and enjoyed another perfectly ripe pummelo this morning while he's beg daddy to get under the blanket with him. Where did this come from? He just goes and sits under blankets doing nothing, or if he has phone time he watches things under there. I just stress out he is going to be unconscious one of these time but he seems to come out for air ones he is bright red and sweaty so I guess it's alright...

*While at IKEA the other day Grant said he wanted to play with something so I showed him where is was and he ran off yelling "grrrIFIC!" (That's what Daniel tiger says)

*While he was snacking in his car seat, he bit his pretzel in a semi circle and said "wook dis wetter, it's a C!" And it was! He bit it again and asked "is dis an F?"

*He has been tipping his head, looking up to smile at hi and saying "hi dad." Or "hi mom".

*When we are in public and strangers walk by laughing, Grant joins in with a loud very fake laugh. It's funny but slightly embarrassing.

*Always telling us "Shake yo booty"

*he will be banging on anything, the walls or opening and shutting the oven so it squeaks and says"I wuv dis music, mom"

A friend was telling me about this cute kids show that pretty much solves problems with art, it's called Creative Galaxy. Apparently while she was telling me Grant was actually watching it upstairs with her son so when we were home that night he kept asking for it. For some reason he calls it "hello six" but when I showed him it on amazon he said that's what it was. Good thing I pay attention.
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