Friday, April 24, 2015

more picture fun!

Luca's destroying stage took our awesome popping book with it so Amanda replaced it for us this week, giving Grant a new favorite book. I did tell her it wasn't necessary because Nikolai will eventually be in that stage and destroy Luca's things but we accept the awesome gift!

Today Grant started singing "Monday Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Monday Sunday Saturday". It might not be right but I was darn impressed. All from that Wee Sing CD he loves.

We had early plans today so I knew I had to workout early or I wouldn't at all today. So we woke up with Matt and in his way to work I had him drop us off quite a ways out of the neighborhood, at the newer Middle School. We walked and jogged back and it felt so good! I kept Grant on the stroller for most of the way but I did let him stretch his legs a couple of times before he started coughing and I made him get back on to rest.

Once home, I showered and quickly got ready. Grant decided to read to Nikolai, The Spooky Old Tree. It was the highlight of my week.

I have a friend in our ward that is trying to improve her photography skills so she's looking for subjects to work on for free. Amanda and Luca came over for that and we headed to a fun park to capture the boys together. It was absolutely the perfect day for it.
^^they all wore matching grey and white stripes.^^

Once home, Grant and Luca spend some serious quality time together ...

Daily Adventure

I don't know where in the heck it came from, but Grant has this awful cough! It just started one night and then exploded the next, leaving him this sick mess yesterday. AUGH! I blame nursery, it's the only answer and I'm not happy. He finally loves it in there, walks right in without saying goodbye and seriously gets sick from it constantly!

I forced him to rest yesterday, not an easy task. But after we had been sick for the 234577th time in a row, every toy he touches I can almost see the germs jumping and laughing from his hands or face. How many times did I have to remind him to cover his cough with his arm when he coughed? About 34678. 

Then the whole other side to it, constantly begging and explaining and reminding "no touching the baby!" Those sad sad eyes, he keeps telling me "I all better now" and comes to kiss Nikolai with those wet lips and running nose... AHHHH !!!! WHY?!

Grant's new thing-being a ghost. "Mommy... I'm a ghost..." And I have to be scared til he finally comes out and says "it's just Grant!"

Nikolai is going on day 6 of no pooping so the doctor told me to give him 1-2 ounces of apple juice a day until it comes. That was 2 days ago. But at least he's happy with that delicious apple juice! 

It's pretty hilarious watching him try to figure out the bottle. He just plays with it, but then once he starts sucking he can't figure out how to breath along with that since it's coming out so fast, so I have to pull it out which starts the process over.

It's exhausting for him, apparently.

Since I was stuck at home all day, and Grant had his cough, I had to get out as soon as Matt got home. We are dinner and I left for a quick jog before Grey's was on and Derek died. We live off one long road that leads to the middle of nowhere. I have lately been wondering where the other end of that road leads, so that's where I headed. 

Once I got to a dead end, a dirt road led quite a ways down. I ran the length of it until it ended at a barbed wire fence. It was so beautiful out there in the middle of no where. That was my adventure for the day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day is Target Day

I had some adorable Earth Day crafting plans for Grant and Luca but the day together ended shorter than planned.

The boys and I went looking for adventure first thing this morning. That's what I am choosing to call my workouts, as it's been something new every day. We wake, eat, and get ready while keeping Nikolai awake so he can have his first nap while we're out.

We discovered a new park today, with the steepest slide known to man. I kept trying to talk Grant into going down but when I attempted it with Grant on my lap, we pretty much ended on our faces at the bottom sooo....

We spent nearly 3 hours out exercising and chatting with a friend at a different park. We got home in time for us all to have baths before Amanda and Luca showed up and it wasn't long before we all headed out again!

Amanda had 2 free Cafe Rio meals so she treated me to a sweet pork salad while the boys had their free niƱo quesadillas. 

From there we headed to what is becoming my favorite place ever, Target. Except IKEA still comes in 1st place...
^^I love his little yoga pose when he's in his car seat!^^

The boys were overly trusted to walk around, I forced Grant to hold this bird house for a picture, and Spot the dog was there.

We pretty much loitered here forever until it was time to meet Matt at his work. Grant got a picture with this fake plant in honor of Earth Day as well, yahoo!

Nikolai had a rough evening though, choking and gagging 3 times before I just called the doctor who had us come in right away. He's doing alright and hopefully it will stay that way after his salt water drops and apple juice for his sad constipation.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Milestones & Grantisms

If Nikolai is looking at you, actually paying attention, he'll mimick your facial express. Opening his mouth wide, smiling, and sticking out his tongue. It's extremely entertaining. 

He's been sucking on his hand but today I actually caught it, right after he was sucking his thumb. Adorable.

*The other day Grant announced from the back seat of the car "mommy, my baby teef falling out. A lady come and give me present, okay?" I believe there was a Super Why episode on the tooth fairy...

*He loves Umizoomi and has learned all this racing lingo. Whenever we drive he's yelling from the back seat "hurry, mommy! Pass that truck!" I keep explaining that we don't drive like that, it's dangerous to race when you aren't on a race track but he still gets excited and says "great job, mom! You passed that car! Now pass the other one, you can do it! There's the finish line!"

*We were driving in Provo today and Matt's all "look at that guy running, Grant" pointing at a shirtless man stopping at the corner. Grant goes "he's dirty...and has nipples".
Then like 5 minutes later he said "I don't have nipples" and Matt laughed and said "yes you do" and Grant said "I don't have big nipples. You have big nipples."

*Grant can officially count from 1-10, the other day he kept going saying "oneteen, twoteen, twentyteen, six..."

*Matt and Grant have dance battles. They'll each start it at one point or another. Grant dances then points at Matt saying "what you can do?!" So Matt dances then points at Grant and says the same. They go back and forth. It's better than a good movie.

*Music comes on and Grant yells "Watch this! Ready?!" And then starts breaking it down.

Lately it seems as though he will start copying his friends when they do just about anything, especially Jace. Jace taught him to do this face for pictures. And he also taught him to ask "CAN I SEE?!" after every. single. one.

supporting local businesses!

We got a new little deli and grille here in town. Grant and I went for a late lunch yesterday to see if they were worth our time on those evening when we desperately want food but fast and close.  
^^he posed like that^^

I was really excited about this place at first but after reading reviews before heading in, this place isn't connected to THE Six Sisters all of us Mormons know of. It's a family owned business started by a lady who actually has 6 sisters.

Walking right in I could see the shelves of processed foods in bulk so I knew to be cautious of my ordering because it wouldn't be quite as fresh as I would have preferred. I was about to order a delicious looking cannoli until I saw the box of pre-made cannoli wraps sitting there, bought from somewhere else and just filled by them. 

I ended up getting a bacon cheeseburger and sweet potato fries and Grant got a kids meal with chicken fingers and regular fries, his fav. I tried everything and liked it all, they come with their own original fry sauce and it was really good! 

My meal was pretty good, and I tried and liked Grant's food too. I think I'll give them another shot at some point...

Grant surprised me with his smart little mind as we sat eating when he asked me "mommy, which one is the chef?" 

Now on a completely opposite topic, I took my boys for a walk on the Pony Express Trail this morning. Grant really impressed me, I'd say he walked about a mile before we turned around and headed up the giant hill we had come down. He sat in the front of the stroller for the second mile, which gave me an even better work out pushing him up the whole time. It was so beautiful out!

We saw many giant black beetles along the way, this is Grant's pretend scared face apparently:

This is my favorite weather! Spring and fall, not too hot and not too cold. I'm having this bizarre thing going on in me though, finding beauty in the desert! And for some strange reason, I'm looking forward to the heat. It could be that the associations are finally wearing off... We shall see!
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