Wednesday, October 1, 2014

'round here

This morning we went and played with some of Grant's friends down the street so I got some grown up time chatting with their mama, who has serious crafty skills and I was complimenting her cute sewed pumpkins. I have hardly any Thanksgiving decor so I was thinking about what I could do myself when she messaged me this picture and said she had made them for me!!

I was most excited and when she put them on facebook everyone started asking for orders. So pretty much my desires made her famous. I'm so helpful.

We came home and made some yummy fajitas for lunch. I feel so lucky to not have a picky baby, he eats pretty much everything!

Speaking of the knuckle head, he was on a Mickey Mouse kick today. I was suprised when he watched an entire Christmas Mickey Mouse movie

He has been on a Christmas kick lately as well, which was surprisingly not my doing. He was watching Peppa Pig and then all of a sudden started saying "Santa Clause HO HO HO" all the time. When we went upstairs to read he found the Christmas book stash and I happily enduldged.

This by far my favorite time of the year, many hate me for this but I tend to mush all 3 holidays together and I don't even care! Tis the season!!! 

I just wish Grant would keep his warmer clothes on, it's beautifully chilly in our home!

Those same buddies came to play tonight so Meredith could go grab supplies for her many pumpkins orders. Grant was most excited! These kids play very well together, for the most part. And Grant LOVED Natalie, he's so sweet to her, especially if she starts crying.

Baby Natalie was so curious where the boys kept disappearing to.

Home Sweet Home

As much as I love my sister and her family and their house, I couldn't help but feel some homesickness yesterday. So much that I just made up the word "homesickness". I felt grateful for their closeness and hospitality, but once we got the news that our water was clean I felt so much gratitude for my own home. I just wanted to get there and cuddle with my babe and husband, drinking our own water and showering in our own bathrooms! I am so grateful for my hard working husband that provides the perfect home for us, with food and love and comfort every day. 

While I'm at it, I'm just going to have to brag on his daddy skills. He's just such a good daddy. I grew up with a mom that would always always tell us how lucky we are to have such a father. I remember thinking "yah, so, everyone has a good dad." But once I went out into the world and experienced real life, I quickly recognized how right my mom was. We are so very lucky. I want to make sure that my children always know how extremely lucky they are to have their daddy. It could have so easily been a different story, but it wasn't. The Lord knew what was best and He sent My children to the right daddy.

This might embarrass him but throughout the day I send Matt random pictures of Grant. I just thought this response was the sweetest, and it's so true to his actions and attitude every day.

Those two are the best of friends and I'm so happy about it. I love watching them run around together, pretending and squealing and laughing. I can't thank my hunny enough for being an ideal baby daddy. I'm so lucky to have him too.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Escaping the Water

We went straight to Salt Lake this morning to be free of possible poison or danger. Matt showered at work, Grant and I showered at Amanda's. It worked out nicely because Matt had to work until almost 10 so we were entertained for the day.

After showering and relaxing we decided to it was an Olive Garden soup and salad kind of day. I don't know why I have never though if it but Grant had the soup part, I ate the salad. He ate more soup than I ever have going there. And kept dipping his breadstick in it like me. Seriously soup is his favorite food ever, just like his daddy.

We knew he was done once he started his regular climbing under the table routine.

We stopped by City Creeks dinosaur playground before heading home and let the boys play for about an hour. It was awesome once crazy lady left. Crazy lady story:

right when we got to the play are there was this lady yelling at a little girl for pushing a kid or some kids, I don't know. This little girl was like maybe 5. We assumed it was crazy lady's daughter but then the little girls mom came rushing over to her traumatized daughter who is crying, probably in fear because crazy lady was straight up scary. Then crazy lady started screaming at the mom to teach her child not to push and the mom took her away. Crazy lady went over to them to probably tell more but the dad blocked her way and she starts yelling at him while he is telling her not to talk to his wife or child like that. They ended up leaving and all the other parents were in complete shock. They just kept their children away from crazy lady's children and Amanda didn't even let Luca get down for a good 10 minutes til crazy lady had chilled out. I was watching Grant like a hawk, I would have let her have it if she had talked to me child like that. Then cried in the corner having a panic attack probably, whatever.  SHE WAS CRAZY!

Grant had fun though, Amanda for this picture of him with me most attractive in the back with my growing belly.

Speaking of my belly, I can feel baby boy kicking daily now. Still little tiny thumps but today he was kicking Grant while he was leaning into me, I thought that was precious.

Grant and Luca are finally in a fabulous friend stage so we never have to worry or watch their every move much. They are free to go play together, other than the ocational all stealing of a toy, Grant behaves very well and all we hear is his hysterical laughing at something or other back there. He's getting much better at sharing, especially his food.

We found out about 6 in the evening that the water in Eagle Mountain was safe to use, which was a huge relief.
We had a delicious late dinner and Grant is newly obsessed with helping us cook.

When we left he kept going "bye Nana's house" over and over until it changed to "get daddy now? Where daddy go? Daddy work?" forever, til he finally fell asleep. It was a long day and he missed his daddy. Now I'M going to sleep!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Water Advisory

I'm Wellllllll this morning Grant had a buddy over, we watched Adam for a couple of hours and they played soooo well!! I couldn't believe how good Grant has gotten at sharing and listening and obeying.

Then Adam's brother and sister joined us and Grant retreated to selfish and mean. What the heck. I'm going to blame it on nap time... 

Never in my life have I enjoyed breakfast burritos. It sounds like a good thing but I just can't do it. I attempted so many times in high school when Melissa would always get them but never could I enjoy them. Until now. Oh my word. One day I just thought "I need a breakfast burrito" and I made one and IT WAS SATISFYING! I've made several since, but I can only eat ones I make. I don't enjoy them made anywhere else. That is a weird craving.

Another cravi has been chile peppers, which are on the above burrito, in my tacos and on my Guatemalan tortillas. I seriously even gave in once and when to Carl's Jr for their Santa Fe Chili Pepper grilled chicken sandwich. Luckily that wasn't as satisfying because I hate those guys and their dirty advertising. I felt so guilty eating there that I left a comment card of my hatred of their commercials. 

It's been beautifully raining a lot lately, and so chilly I've been sleeping in sweatshirts and putting Grant in his last footie pjs that actually fit him! Today it started raining again, I had the windows open so Grant got so excited and raced to get the umbrella. WHAT!? Where did he learn that?? We have never used it before, I've never talked about it, I have no idea What

Soon he got a little rough with it and when he didn't obey it needed to be taken away, put up high on the shelf. He was most upset and as I saw him head towards his chair I pulled my camer up because I just knew he would attempt to reach it.

Matt was on his way home this evening when the news spread that someone had broken into the cities water supply and there was reason to believe the water was tampered with so nobody is to use any of the cities water. Which we had obviously been doing all day... So that was nice and comforting. It was a big seat in the pants for us because we have no storage built up, nor emergency funds right now as we are still in our newlywed years, lucky enough to have a home to call our own, but still students and such. So I had almost gotten through a day without crying, then my anxiety hit. I am grateful is not anger this pregnancy, but my word my anxiety just jumps. I freaked out and Matt got to be the calm rock I needed to handle this evening. Luckily we had some water bottles, Matt will be showering at work tomorrow, and Grant and I will head to Salt Lake for the day. We should probably know more tomorrow evening whether the water is safe or not. Fingers crossed. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

one week in primary

I had my primary calling about a month, but everything was primary practice, stake conference, and the temple dedication so today was my only time teaching. I'm pretty sure that was meant to be. It's just how I needed it. 

Today was the program, the kids were adorable, one said "immorality" instead of "immortality" while reading a scripture and that was funny. 

Matt actually subbed with me today, so my one teaching day I had him to calm my anxiousness that is this pregnancy.

The kids were funny and awesome since I knew I'd be in Relief Society next week. And Grant was a big baby in nursery so they brought him to us within the first 15 minutes. So he joined the 4 year olds.

My favorite part about teachings with Matt is his appreciation for the little things, like their hysterical comments. I wrote them down!

"I have a penny in my body"

"Is you baby gonna get fat if you eat too much pretzels?"

"I can carry my house with people inside"

It was a nice first and last day.

Here is one of Grant's many ways to reach the light switch:

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Women's Broadcast

I'm at 18 weeks and 18 must mean emotional because my word I've cried a lot the last 2 days! I was most grateful Amanda had gotten us tickets for a bit of a lift at Women's Conference tonight, even if I did have to sit in traffic for an hour after.

It was a stormy day so it took me at least an hour to get to just Salt Lake where I met Amanda at City Creek. We grabbed some dinner and then quickly walked over to the conference center while she let me vent of my interesting morning called primary program practice. Bless those 3 year olds.

We've always been really lucky and got to sit in the ground floor, very close to the front. It was fun for a change to be on the first balcony, in the front. It was also extremely handy for my bladder to be so close to the bathrooms. 

It was a beautiful meeting, I really enjoyed the talks. The biggest part to stand out to me was when Elder Uchtdorf said "God sent you here for a greater future than you can ever imagine"

Being up top gave me a different perspective on things. As we sang I Am A Child of God for the intermediate hymn I just had to stop singing and listen to the thousands of women's voices around me. We were all there with one purpose and we were no doubt surrounded by angels. I just looked out into the crowd and imagined what these gatherings would be like in heaven one day, everyone together, full of love. There are so any of us in this world and the amount of women just sitting in that massive room blew my mind not to mention the thousands around the world listening and watching at that exact same time! I'm grateful for all the good this wicked world really does have.

It's an amazing opportunity to be here in person, to experience what we see twice a year our whole lives. It's incredible to be in the same room as our living prophet and his apostles. No matter how many times I've been able to go, it's still a huge blessing! So many people around the world will never get to be in this conference center in their lifetime. I never knew where I'd end up but there is something amazing about being in Utah, among soooo many members. 

It was dark by the time we got out and headed quickly to Roxberry and then our cars.

Something ridiculous was happening in the parking garage because I didn't get out for at least 45 minutes. Then the city traffic right after such a gathering was vomitrotious (my phone even knew how to spell that in it's own...)

Grant called me on my way homeand we chatted for a good long time until he hung up. Then he seriously called me 21 more times. That's not an exaggeration. This picture of proof doesn't even show them all. 

Every time I answered the phone Grant would squeal in excitement and talk to me some more before saying "okay bye mama" and hanging up to call again. He was so proud of his new skill. Super safe of me while driving.

Anyway, it was a great conference and I'm excited for next weeks festivities that come with more conference! 

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