Friday, September 19, 2014

Mi Casa

Guatemala's Independance Day was just recently and I visited Amanda to find delicious foods, left with some, went and bought more from our local Hispanic shop and that's pretty much all I've been eating for a week. These three things:

Grant is loving this measure chart we found in the back of his turtle book. He likes to see how tall he is and point out the animals.

Girls Night Out

There is a new exhibit at the BYU art museum that I had been wanting to see and my friend/neighbor was also an art history major so we planned on a night out!

Turned out that this exhibit was extremely small. Cool, but tiny so we ended spending most of our time in another part of the museum. 

We hadn't even known about the other exhibit before going, and we went through it twice! They had a collection of costumes from several movies. I really wanted to get some pictures but we weren't allowed, nor could I sneak them.
But here were a handful of really cool outfits these actors and actresses wore! 

-Angelica Houston's dress from Ever After
-Johnny Depp's pirate outfit from The Curse of the Black Pearl
-Colin Ferrell's from The New World
-Heath Ledger's from Casanova
- Scarlett Johanson's dress from Prestige
- Several dresses Keira Knightly wore in Dutchess
- several different outfits from Phantom of the Opera worn by both Minny Driver and Emmy Rossum
- Kate Winslet's from Sense and Sensibility and Finding Neverland
- both Robert Downy Jr. And Jude Law's suits from Sherlock
- Julie Christie's from Hamlet

Several other actors included Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, Uma Therman, Maggie Smith, Renee Zellwiger, Nicole Kidman, Kate Beckinsale, Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Daniel Craig, and Natalie Portman.

SUPER COOL! Here is my one blurry and sneaky picture:

We also saw a Norman Rockwell original, super neat. 

It was a good night away from the kiddos! When we walked out of the museum the mountains were just too gorgeous to not take a picture or two:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another BOY!!

This pregnancy has been ridiculously opposite compared to Grant. During the sick stage it felt much worse, having to be poked and filled by IVs because of dehydration. But now it feels soooo much easier and happier. 

Because of the complete oppositeness and some other experiences we've had, we were certain this baby was a girl. So much so that Grant calls the baby by her name, the name we have picked for our girl we know is waiting to join us eventually. 

My mom already gave me some girl clothes and has several blankets made. We all knew it was her. There has only
been one moment during a blessing Matt was giving me that I thought "huh, this is a boy." Until yesterday, of course!

Since we have had several miscarriages our plan has been not to announce this pregnancy until we knew the gender. Our midwives office offered a gender determination ultrasound at 16 weeks so we did that yesterday, I am about 16 1/2 weeks. 

The room was large with a big comfy couch and huge TV screen on the wall so we could see everything so perfectly! As soon as the baby popped into view, all currled in a ball Matt scooted over to me and grabbed my hand. Grant was just climbing all over the place saying "baby. Baby. Baby."

The lady doing my ultrasound showed us the heartbeat, the spine, the head... Baby was still in a ball, hiding the goods.

After shaking my tummy up a bit we had a beautiful display, legs spread and there it was! I yelled "it's a boy!!" And she said "yep, it sure is". I felt this overwhelming excitement and joy! After thinking we would be having a girl for so long and then thinking about Grant's baby brother, I started to cry a little bit. It was amazing! 

Baby waved goodbye to us and I was glad to still have another big ultrasound to look forward to at 20 weeks, plus getting to see him every time I go in each month on the tiny screen monitor. I love my midwives office!

I went home and put a waving picture into baby's frame on our bookshelves, replacing the one we had from my 6 week appointment.

About 2 weeks ago Amanda and I went to Hobby Lobby to create my Facebook announcement. I was pumped. Since it's fall time I wanted to do pumpkins, they had awesome adorable ones and we took them home for pictures. That night I sized, edited and added the text, completely impatiently, prepared with a total of 4 pictures, two boy and two girl options. So I could finally post that as my cover photo yesterday. Then one on my Instagram of course!

The rest of the day was spent trying to undo the adorable way Grant calls the baby by a girl name, which will be much easier once we pick a boy name. I swear I've seen EVERY boy name out there. It's just too hard. Girl names are much easier.

So here is to another baby boy!! A little brother...

a better sleeper

I've been thanking the stars and their maker for the last week! Grant has been a much better sleeper, which means so have I!

We went with the plan of making his room more comfy and friendly while spending more time in there together in hopes it would be less scary to be alone.

First we put the big comfy bed in there, that helped him. There are lots of body pillows surrounding him, I thought maybe it would help feel like we were by his sides. 

We read stories in there together, and now do scripture and prayer in his bed now. All very helpful.

Getting the glow in the dark stars and watching me place them all on the ceiling was so fun for him. The glow with the nightlight in there has been a big help as well.

I had seen a large but cheap solar system rug at Costco so last night Grant I went together to get it for his room. Sadly they were all gone, although expected back for the holidays. But I found these 2 massive posters and got them instead, a solar system one for his room and an animal world map for outside his room, which he has spent much more time at.

He begs us to go sit on the floor to see the "amnals" there are probably 1000 shown, just covering this map. He loves pointin out all the ones he know and making their sound. We're working on the difference between whales and sharks.

These new things have helped him at night. For the first 3 days he had come in our room but since his bed is so big I was able to just lay him back down and sleep next to him til he was out and then come back to my bed. And I always tell him "I'll lay with you for a bit, but then mommy goes back to her room, okay?" So this way he isn't upset or confused to wake up and fine me gone again. 

Then the last 2 nights have been glorious, he hasn't gotten out of bed all night! The more time we spend in there, the more comfortable he gets.

I was also nervous because Matt puts him to sleep now. I decided I get a 5 month break before the new baby gets here and it took a bit for Grant to adjust but he understands now that bedtime is daddy time. It's been wonderful! 

So yay! I have my good sleeper back. Although I am nervous for his confusion when baby gets to sleep in mom and dad's room for awhile....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

he's going to be a big brother!

It's June 21, a Saturday. Matt's work was moving buildings so he went in to help today. I woke up with a sad babe getting his 2 year molars and went to take a pregnancy test. I am a day late.

For the first time ever I forgot about it, just for a second. I was distracted for just a couple minutes and then as soon as I remembered there was a test waiting for me I raced into the bathroom. I could see the dark pink lines from the door and just started praying, thank you thank you thank you! 

With all our babies those lines have been small, faded, slow to appear. Except Grant. It was dark, just like this. It showed up so quickly, my levels must be very high. Hallelujah!

All other times I freaked out too quickly and had to tell someone, anyone! So this time I calmed myself. Matt would be home soon. I texted him to see when he'd be back and came up with a plan. The first person I told was Grant. He just kept saying "baby. baby." and hugging me cuz I made him.

Then I took some pictures of him. I threw them together, edited them, and Matt called to say he was on his way home right when I was finishing up. I started freaking out and shaking, so excited to tell him.

Matt came in while I was cleaning the living room, gave me a kiss, and went to hug Grant, who almost blew it. He started saying "baby. baby. baby." and I just waited. Matt didn't think anything of it so I told him I needed to show him something and brought him to the computer to show him this:


Due: Friday February 27, 2015 

We hugged and cried together, commenting on how dark those lines were, so it just had to be a good sign! Grant had run into us to be part of the action and we talked to him about being a big brother. 

We are so excited! Just over the hills proud and happy about such an incredible blessing we've been waiting and waiting for!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

planetarium and matching overalls

Since I was already halfway to Amanda's we spent the day with them. The boys wore their orange overalls and it was super precious.

Grant loves Luca's toy phone, he was talking to Grandma and Dadda the whole time.

I've been wanting to make Grant's room an outerspace theme since he was born. I have been thinking about getting some glow in the dark stars for his ceiling to help him better sleep in his room because he loves stars! So we went to Gateway's Planetarium.

Grant really loved all the cool things there! And I learned some new things too. 

Their favorite part was the moon and Mars landscape. They just played and Amanda got some popcorn to share while we hung out there for awhile because it was so cheap!

Soon we went to the gift store to find the stars and some astronaut ice cream! But we had more fun trying on all the cool things.

I got a small pack of stars because I could find plenty more cheaper on amazon. And the ice cream was so worth the horrific traffic RIGHT before my exit to Matt's work...

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