Friday, October 24, 2014


Well I'm just frustrated. After a long Friday night at the hospital.

I called my midwives today with my continuing symptoms. I said I was worried it might be the iron pills I'm taking and she said that couldn't be it and I needed to go to the hospital. So we went.

After lots of questions and a long long time she came back saying the on call midwife says everything I'm experiencing is because of the iron. Uhhh... Your partner over there just said the opposite. 

So while I'm being pumped with fluids the OB delivering that night came in to talk to me. After all the info I have h he said it's NOT the iron, my reaction is opposite from what iron does, I must just have a bug of some kind. 

So who is right? 

Grant was so confused by the IV in my hand, he seriously say like this for a full minute just staring.

Then I told h to make me dinner and he walked around pretending to throw things together til he discovered the curtain.

Needless to say, I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do here, folks.

My midwives take the time to talk to me and discuss anything anytime. They listen and have never once made me feel rushed. But they have just done nothing but confuse me overs here. All the OBs I've dealt with have rushed me. They talk faster than a Gilmore and I just feel like a number, something they need to rush through to get to their next situation. Where is the happy medium!?


Last night I dreamt it was Christmas time, which wasn't helpful as I  already fighting the urge to decorate. I am determined to make it at least halfway through November. We went downstairs and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to help me get into the current holiday and Grant really enjoyed it.

I'm still pretty sick, in fact headed to the hospital right now. But I've been tracking baby's movement all day just to be safe. He was pretty calm all morning so I drank some pregnancy tea and he woke right up and played me like a drum. Grant had some and begged for his own so I made him a blueberry one and he was in heaven.

Then I turned on Diners Drive Ins and Dives. Pregnant woman's heaven, it makes me soooo hungry for good food. Before I knew it I was ordering from our local pizza place. Oh man, that stuff was satisfying. 

Of course, like all food has the last 3 days, it made me sick. I'm paying the price but it was worth it since I have to eat any way. It was the first thing to actually satisfy me for awhile.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Train Set


Today Amanda came down so she could watch Grant while I was In the hospital. But after trying to reach them forever, the nurses said I wouldn't be going in for iron IVs for a week. Uhhhh excuse me? I was told today, got a ride and babysitter, was told how dangerously low my iron was. A few hours after THAT they call again to say my test results came back completely normal. My iron levels are fine.  So when the nurse came in and said "this just explains EVERYTHING!" It really didn't and now whatever I'm going through makes no sense. I'm even sicker today and my doctors have given me a complete run around, misdiagnosed me, and have no answers. 

I'm not even going to get into the lovely new symptoms that have taken over my life. 

I'm grateful Amanda came down to help me keep my cool, entertain my child with her own, and bring me tacos. 

Someone in her neighborhood was getting rid of a train table and Amanda snatched that right up for me. Oh my, is it a hit.

Grant was extremely excited as we pulled it out, cleaned it, and he put every one of the million pieces up on it. When we tried to put something together, the end of the world came/it was clearly nap time.

It took me a few minutes of rocking and one chapter in Alma for him to be out solid.

We got to work and put something together, still finishing when he awoke from his short nap. Still tired, he threw a couple fits while Amanda patiently finished up.

He soon calmed down and enjoyed his new toy to its fullest, doing everything to keep Luca from destroying the tracks.

Trains and Daniel Tiger are his favorites.


Not blogging on a daily basis normally means one thing around here. Sickness. My sickness. 

Luckily it's nothing contagious but it's not so good. After several days of a racing heart followed by zero energy I headed to the doctor who informed me of my ridiculously low iron levels. FE levels. That's right, I know some stuff. 

Her exact words were "I have never actually seen it this low. I can't believe you haven't passed out just sitting here". Very comforting since I had to still drive myself and Grant home.

So I had a bunch of blood work done and she said I'll have to go into the hospital tomorrow for iron IVs, which I didn't even know was a thing.

So that's interesting. Along with the Braxton Hicks coming, which I never had with Grant, it's been fun.

Grant, however, loved the doctors office and was a perfect angel for once. Everything the doctors did to me he'd say "my turn!" And they were so nice and accommodating to his demands. Like making him a balloon with a face. Which was extremely sad when it popped at home later and he kept trying to blow it back up.

So catch up! And go:
Loving his hat, which is called his Daniel Tiger hat. The kid is getting so big, I have to buy things to fit him for once!

My mom got him this forever ago and he has been using it a lot lately, since I changed the batteries at his request and it works again... I've been so impressed because he has been tracing letters!

His favorite books lately are his baby lit ones. He brings the pile to me at least twice a day and I don't even need to read them to him anymore because he does it himself by memory. Not word for word obviously, but it's pretty impressive.

A face he was making after he fell asleep yesterday, had to capture it.

Today in the car I handed him a Caillou book and he goes "I wuv dis gook!" Then a little while later I here him go "what dis color? Red. What dis color? Blue. What dis color? Yellow."

Last night as we were going to bed he yelled at me "mama, listen to me! Goodnight. See you morning. I wuv you so much. I wuv you too much." 

Oh, funny memory. At the doctor when they went to check the baby's heartbeat, as soon as she put the doppler on my stomach, he kicked it off, 3 times in a row. Which made me laugh of course. Clearly she was invading his space. I remember Grant doing that near the end of my pregnancy with him. This baby is so much more active early on. He had hiccups tonight, which was the first time I've felt that with this one.

Monday, October 20, 2014

One guess who came over today

Amanda and Luca, as always.
They came allllll day and it was so nice.
I said it to her and I will say it now, Grant and Luca are just best friends. They are so happy together. I love seeing those two play and laugh, I can only imagine the feelings that will come when I see Grant and his little brother together.

I got some apples to make apple crisp or cobbler and I keep catching Grant pulling a chair over, stealing and apple, taking a bite and leaving it somewhere. Today Luca found one and together they devoured it, making that the first full apple eaten.

Luca heard me take the pictures and turned to pose, this is the best one I've ever gotten of him!

That little nugget is walking all over the place, he has no more fear! Walking toddlers are the best!

We went to the outlets to find him a birthday present, although we only ended up with a couple pairs of jeans for my growing child. 

Today's new phrases my child has spoken, which were both learned from Daniel Tiger:
"I'm so frustrated!"
"Be quiet..."

He is so good at telling people about things, which is practiced every evening when daddy gets home as he recited the activities of the day. Today's tale of the outlets, a new tiger winter hat and then eating and playing at Chick fil A went a little like this:
"A store, dadda! Daniel Tiger on there. Uh foooood, food a playground...big down the slide 'weeeeeeee'".

After family night he was coloring a picture for us and stopped to announce what it was. "I make Nana's car. I make Aca too. I make airplane" as he points to his scribbles.

Today he actually said "ooca" a lot, which is one step closer to Luca! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Well this was cute to me, just chilling behind the couch watching DMe2, his top pick recently if we are upstairs.

If we are down stairs and he gets TV time he has picked Daniel Tiger every time recently. I really love that show, I could easily sit and watch it myself. Grant keeps picking up on so many little things, each episode seems to be able feelings and he learns so much and repeats things throughout the day.

This morning we made crepes for breakfast and Grant obviously needed to help. There were about 3 times that I was getting something he was in the way of and he would say "scuse me." It was definitely my place to say excuse me, not his. So sweet. And a good reminder for me. After I poured the first batch in, I realized it was too thin and I had forgotten flour, which I said out loud. Grant replied with "oh sorry, I didn't mean to." I may have kissed him 20 times.

Then he told me to "do picture", which is a new phrase for him the last couple days. He used to say "take picture".

His diaper wasn't full, I don't know why it looks like that...

We got ready for church, took a 21 week baby bump selfie...

Then I compared it to 21 weeks with Grant. It seems I carry higher with this one but other than the fact that I'm much heavier there isn't a huge difference. And I have long hair, which I had just chopped pregnant with Grant. I will not be making that mistake again!

Some friends behind us in sacrament let Grant play with this magnetic toy that is awesome I need to purchase. That thing entertained Grant until the meeting was over.

His feet were so cute there, turned in like that.

Matt and I subbed in the nursery just for the very last hour, which was fine since Grant really needed to go and still refuses. So at least he was there the last hour. And at least he naps during the 2nd hour in our laps so whatever.

PS yesterday was the cutest, Gloves being a "big helper", a phrase he learned from Daniel Tiger.

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