Friday, April 18, 2014

Ukraine Gathering

Since Connie got home AND moved to Utah I decided to throw a little get together reunion for all the Utah Ukraine ladies. It worked out perfectly because so many of are finishing school and moving soon so it was a nice goodbye. 

Grant fell asleep right when Emilie got here, around 1:30. Then everyone else showed up around 4ish but I had to wake Grant up because he was still sleeping at 5:20! 

Once he came down and woke up he made a best friend in Dallin, my word. He will make a fabulous daddy in a couple months!

We had Connie, Emilie, Michelle, Jamie, Becky, Jenny, AND Genevieve! I love that so many of us are by each other. And I love how close we became those 4 months abroad!

A couple spouses and children were there, we found out Genevieve has been married for 8 months haha, little secrets here and there, lots of bonding, and then goodbyes. We missed all you other girls tonight!

Pyper stopped by with a birthday present for Grant and Connie helped him open it.

Possibly the best gift they could have gotten him, large Legos. He is in love and played with them forever! Apparently an awesome gift for little boys.

It was a great night, so many memories...

Ohhhh my baby

Kenz sent Grant some cute pjs home with Amanda, they are super cute circus guys that were very much needed. He is growing out of his jammas so fast!

The bottom two pictures are from when I said "show me the jammas Kenzie sent you!" He likes them too :)

It's so interesting to me that Grant just started understanding and acknowledging heat and cold. He tells me if things are hot all the time, he also tells me when he is cold. He said it to Amanda in the cold fruit and veggie area at Costco yesterday, he tells me the bath water is too hot, then once we get out he tells me he is cold and wraps himself up in the towel.

He is obsessed with this show called "Bo on the Go". I don't think he had picked a different thing to watch since he discovered it, unless we are upstairs where there is no netflix, just DVDs.

It's completely my fault but he now knows how to say TV and asks me to "push" which means "turn the thing on, woman!" I expect he would have learned that even if I never let him watch it, he would end up being like my friend that would come over to my house growing up and literally could not stop watching our TV no matter what we did because she was never allowed at home. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a day with dad

Grant let us sleep til almost 10 this morning so that was pretty awesome.

It was a gorgeous day outside so we pulled out the wagon, took a walk, and played at the park.

That board has the alphabet on it, Grant loves to point to the letters and repeat what we say. This was a moment when an "aiw pain" flew by and he needed to show us.

We came back home for nap time. Matt watched Ninja Turtles while I did homework forever. 

Grant woke up sooner than a good nap requires. The rule is if he wants to be with me while I'm working on school stuff he has to sit in the chair next to mine, not on my lap. This is to help minimize distractions. Unfortunately he found an adorable loop hole and will lay down on me while I work. It's distracting in a good way.

When I finished half my work we all went for a drive to Best Buy, apparently the only store in America that carries Finding Nemo these days. 

We grabbed dinner on the way home and I wanted something from the Wild Zucchini again, I got a pasta and veggie bowl but it was so disappointing compared to last time.

My PMS cravings are under control lately, I've been attempting to perfect wild rice like Ikea has, it's a very frustrating process. It takes more than twice the time to cook than white rice.

Right before we started our bedtime routine we were watching some hilarious Harlem Shake clips on youtube together. Grant was mesmerized-he seriously didn't move from this position for minutes!

Now he is out and I'm so tired and SO ready for tomorrow. AMANDA IS HOME!! We are going to run birthday party errands together and I can't wait to squeeze Luca!

my baby daddy is 26

This is the first time Matt held Grant after he was born. I was already in my own recovery room, Grant had been cleaned and we were getting situated and Matt looks at me and says "I haven't even held him yet". I couldn't believe it! Why hadn't they handed my baby to his daddy even once?! At least I had the opportunity to get a picture of it.

Today is my husband's birthday, he is 26 and gets to be 26 for three months before I'm as old as he is again. He gets to do whatever he wants, even eat gross crab for breakfast. I even did the dishes for the first time in forever, he doesn't let me.

As a birthday post I want to focus on the fact that he is my baby's daddy. He is the best baby daddy I could have ever hoped for, I got so lucky. Like, could have been bad. But it's good.

Matt, I love you for many reasons. But here is a handful for the world to see, because I'm proud to call you mine.

~You still make me laugh every day. The first time we ever talked on the phone I felt like such a little school girl laughing at every word. I called my mom right after we hung up, "Remember Matty from kindergarten? He asked me on a date! We just got off the phone and he is literally the funniest person I have ever talked to." True story.

~As stated above, Matt does the dishes every day, he also takes the garbage out and cleans the bathrooms. I hate all those things, he does them on a regular basis and always helps with all the other house work and I am so grateful. I couldn't do it alone, I'd go insane. I have a toddler, you know.

~I don't think Matt has ever let me bring in groceries if he is home. Once I came home from the store and was carrying them in and he jumped up, there were like 4 bags and I could have done it. He is just a gentleman.

~My absolute favorite, and the thing I am most grateful for are his blessings. He never makes me feel as though I don't deserve them, he will stop everything to give me that comfort from the Lord. I love his blessings, every word I can remember is recorded and I review them often for strength.

~I love love love that Matt loves to go grocery shopping with Grant and I. Every time he gets the chance, he comes. He likes to push the cart and talk to Grant the whole time. It is one of my favorite things to do as a family. He's just awesome.

~I've said it before, I'll say it again, he is very trusting of my ideas.  I say "I want a bookshelf wall", he says "okay". He didn't even ask what color I was going to paint that walls, he just trusted I have good taste and let me do my thing. He likes the things I hang on our walls, he supports my constant projects and ideas. It's lovely.

~He is one of those dads that ooohhhhs and awwws over everything Grant does, all the tiny things that we may have seen a million times. It's super sweet how much he is attached to the boy.

~It is a common thing to say "men don't change" - but he has. He has changed for the better in almost every way. He knows that in a relationship, you can only change yourself to improve things, and he does it all the time. Poor guy, I am much more stubborn. I try, but he accomplishes. Which also means he is extremely patient.

~He can read me pretty well. He knows when I need comfort or when I'm holding something back. He knows if I'm being a woman and just saying something I don't mean. He always knows and he is so good at addressing the issue. I should be the one to know that I shouldn't expect him to read my mind, but I feel like he does. He is sensitive towards me in that way.

~Matt scratches my back like every day and he never complains. I just sit by him and he knows. Or I grab his hand and place it on my back as I'm driving. It's beautiful.

~Lots of people say the couples are made for each other, but I say this about Grant and Matt. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like for Grant to have a different father. They are seriously perfect for each other, with the funniest sense of humor together. I love Matt as a father and it made me love him even more as a husband.


P.S. Here are my latest 2 Mattisms for you:

"Man, if I ever lose my car keys, I'm callin Olivia Pope!"

We were driving to the store and a big group of motorcyclists drove by "ohhhhh crap. I KNEW we'd run into them!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Early out

Matt's birthday is tomorrow so he got work off at noon today and all of tomorrow. It was so nice to have him here. 

We ran some errands together, one of my favorite things to do together is grocery shop. I love that he loves doing that with us. Grant loves it when daddy comes! He is even more entertaining.

So I have mentioned this before but I'm gonna say it again: I HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY!! Oh my word I hate it. Folding and putting them away. Since forever. My mom will be ashamed of the following picture:

That is the before picture, what my room looked like this morning. Bah. 
My house can be so crazy clean, but this is normal unfortunately. Especially because it is Matt's least favorite chore as well.

But it had to be done. So 3 hours later, here is the "after" picture:

It feels sooo good! I had folded and put things away for so long and then one load stayed out and BAM- we were back to the mountain. It is not easy finding things in there. It feels beautiful to have my room back. 

Grant played while Matt and I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is finally out on DVD and my blu ray copy came with the soundtrack AND a free 20 page shutterfly book! 

Matt says that movie is the Eat Pray Love for men. He really liked it. I am so glad!!

We grilled again for dinner, Matt put Grant to sleep on accident while I worked on the free shutterfly book for hours!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter FHE with the Browns

Kevin, Ari, and Roman came to play! 

Kevin was in Kindergarten with Matt and I, those two were besties growing up. He is one of "the guys", making Ari and I "the wives". 

So they came over right when Matt got off, we had an awesome dinner. Grilled steaks, burgers, asparagus, and I found a perfect watermelon. We baked sweet potato fries and I made a southwest salad that Grabt could NOT stop eating. I think it was the dressing he loved, which is funny because it was spicy.

So we ate and watched Just Go With It. It's one of our favorites and Kevin and Ari had never seen it. They loved it. Grant and Roman played, pausing to dance and jump everytime there was music.

We decorated eggs together, just like we did all pregnant two years ago. Except this time we had toddlers with us. 

Those boys are so cute together.

Kevin and Matt went to hang out with Al, a brilliant idea, so Ari and I can have a Once Upon A Time marathon. The boys got ready for bed together and are now attempting to sleep.

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