Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"goodbye" she said, "i'm off to join the circus..."

This post was inspired by the lovely Becky, she found me this card and it is now waiting to be framed in my bedroom:

On the left had side of my blog here, I've got my To Do List. One of the things is to go to the circus. One time I went to a teeny circus at a fair but it was mostly dogs doing tricks, not the kind of circus I'm talking about. 

When I lived in Ohio growing up, our house was pretty close to train tracks and I've seen the Ringling Brothers circus come to town a few times. It was so fun to see the animals sticking their heads out of their box carts, and you always see a midget or two just riding on the outside for the view :) But I've never gone. Tomorrow they start their tour in Columbus so I miss it once again. They come to Utah in September this year but I'll be in Kiev. One day...

When I think of the circus I think of the amazing acrobats and the crazy dangerous yet somehow tamed wild animals. And the cotton candy, giant colorful tents, funnel cakes, and frozen lemonades. Yum. Plus, I've never seen a real mime that I can remember. If I did it was when I lived in California, I am sure.

The part I don't care about are the circus "freaks". I try to think that they like to share their weird quality with the world, but it's so sad to me that these people are just on display for everyone to see. Plus the fact that they are known by the title Circus Freaks, SO SAD! But so interesting...(I know the first 2 are just the "acrobats")

If anyone hears of a circus coming to town even if it's not Barnum & Bailey, LET ME KNOW!!! 

(pics from Google and weheartit)


  1. Love the old school circus pics!

  2. There is one in my town...but that’s probably little too far for you!
    There has to be something in the air! I love that we both are thinking about circus today!
    The card is beautiful and the photos are stunning!
    I just added your button(it is funny that you both have the same name but the buttons look very different)I love your button:)
    Have a fun and happy afternoon!

  3. I LOVE all things circus and carnival related! Have you ever seen the movie The Unknown? It's an old silent film.. it's my favorite!
    ps I added your button! I love your blog too!

  4. The circus comes to town ever year or so here but I don't think here is there. I don't think they have freaks anymore it is not politically correct.

    You will get to see one, maybe in Kiev.

  5. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog -- loving your blog to pieces! You won me over with such wonderful words of encouragement at the top...I needed that. Sometimes I think we all need a gentle reminder that life is ours to make it!

    And the circus. Oh yes. I'm so there. It's just enough quirk for me! These photos are awesome. That particular elephant photo is one of my favorites :)

    Def. going to linky you up, too!

    Have a happy day!

  6. Love this collection of images! Very inspiring! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I'm glad you like my earrings - I'm planning my first online sale for later this week or early next week with a big discount on earrings so stay tuned!
    xox Molly

  7. bathwater-i didn't think they did either but in sept i went to the ohio state fair and they had "the smallest woman in the world" and she was definitely deformed. I hope they don't have them anymore! i was shocked

  8. I love this post! This circus is always very interesting too me, and I'm not sure why....It's just so mysterious and sorta creepy. Steven Meisel did a very cool editorial about the circus! I recommend looking it up ;)

  9. I've always wanted to go to a big circus too! I think we were going to take Dalton next year when he might like it more....maybe the next year. I just know that I want to go. Do you ever watch the show Bones? (I love it) well anyway there is an episode dealing with the circus. It's one of my favorites.

  10. I took your button. Here is mine.

    border="0" src=""

  11. lovely photos!

    Have you read "Water for Elephants: A Novel" by Sara Gruen. It is a beautiful story about the circus and is one of my faves.

    I want to go to the circus too, but always end up missing it when it is in the area :(

  12. sounds good to me .... now how do I break it to my boss

  13. love it. i would totally join a circus.

  14. sara, you are just so freaking amazing. can i just say that? i am constantly impressed at your blogging skills.

  15. The pictures are well arranged!


  16. I'm not sure they do circus freaks anymore?? Maybe someday you can join me in Seattle for some rain dancing :-) I do it all the time.

    Let's swap buttons, I'll put yours on mine and I am definitely a new follower, hope you'll follow too.


  17. what a fun post! makes me want to go to the circus :)

    {p.s. i'm your newest follower!}

  18. Great to do list! I love how you're going to frame that card.
    I freaked out when I went to the circus. It was so big! And the clowns were so scary! But maybe I'll appreciate more as an adult. Cirque de Soleil anyone?


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