Tuesday, February 25, 2014

one day we will go swimming

amanda and i have been planning a swimming trip forever and it never happens.
yesterday i drove to her to go but the public swimming times just didn't work with our schedule.
luckily we still got to spend the day with her and luca!

this was grant when we woke up, just chillin and watching his elmo work out video as i got ready:

We didn't even get a package yesterday, I was bummed! I just want my comforter to come already!!! But on Friday some favorite books came:

Anyway we went to play with Amanda and Luca. I've been on a "diet" and needed something to eat so we did grocery shopping together, as if that's not normal for us.

Grant got his own cart and I was impressed with how well he pushed it around, avoiding running into things. He was so good at it!

By the middle of our excursion Grant had to be put in a cart and I got to push that little guy around. Why? because he knocked over and broke a jar of pickles. The man that cleaned it up was so nice though.

After a forced nap, we all went for a walk to the coolest park I've ever been to. Grant rode super safe-like on the stroller when he got tired of walking. He just refused to smile for anything.

So this is why the park is the coolest - check out the ground! Nothing will go into my child's skin if he falls! It is just a flat squishy ground. I love it!

I'm pretty sure this was Luca's first time at the park! He went down the slide and he loved it!

Grant had lots of fun, even thought we had to leave quickly because we didn't watch the time. It was so gorgeous outside, I love the views we have here in Utah. 

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  1. SO jealous of you and your Utah views right now... Diets suck, but I hope you have success. :)


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